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full instructions and drawings coming soon to

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Nick says:

finally a bed frame i can make that i dont need to use any special tools or jigs or glue. vary simple to put together thank you

Miguel anguiano says:

Awesome video’s thank you

Johara says:

It would’ve been a lot better if you made a small base under the mattress to prevent it from moving around

mojabi says:

the idea is cool, but it looks really ugly honestly

Atlovv says:

Amazing! When do you think the full instructions will be up on the website?

danitoz says:

I’ve always wanted this type of bed. I live in apartments and have moved 3 times in the past 3 years. Is this construction of bed easy to take apart to move and then reassemble? I’m tired of the Store bed assemblies and any platform style bed thats for sale is super expensive. Right now my bed just sits on the floor.

Cris not your buisness says:

Any way you can come up with a modern murphy bed?

Vincent Russell says:

any idea on the cost?

graxeyoo says:

Hey, this looks amazing!I really hope to try this one myself, but I’ve never done any kind of woodworking before. What supplies would be needed to cover this project? And how big of a budget? Thanks a ton!

Pablo P says:

Aliento la inisiatiba, pero…no tiene un soporte en las orillas de los lados, con solo poco tiempo empesara a abrisrse provocando pequenos accidentes, el respaldo es muy pobre y esta solo sujetado con tornillos….en un mes empesara a aflojarse. la cama se ve muy linda.

dethmaul says:

Dang, theres a name for the kind of bed i built? I screwed some 4×4 stubs to a peice of plywood. Bam, bed lol. Lasted eight years so far.

Nurul Naqiah says:

nice and creative !! should ask my husband to try this one 🙂

Vova Parhaev says:


JoHN Doe says:

Nice boat.

kaylabification says:

do you ever have problems running into the platform at night? It seems like it could be a real shin banger

Cris not your buisness says:

murphy bed please!

steenfraosterbro says:

I have made this type of bed a few times. I have found that air holes in the boards under the mattress are needed, and many of them. Great build.

mohamed D.H says:

gréât man

Lina's chalk- & milkpaint, DIY, Recycle & Remake says:

Like this a lot!! 😀

Gonzalo Vila says:


anne rochelle says:

Can you do a dyi mattress?

C. Johnson says:

That’s a lot of work…I think I’ll buy one. Good job though…looks nice!

Joon An says:

Thanks so much for this video. Do you know how much space there is on each side with a full size mattress on there? It looks to be about 10 inches all around… does that sound right?

I want to put my queen mattress on there, but I don’t have space for an 80 inch wide platform. I’m wondering how it would look.

Edmundo Teles Goncalves says:

muinto bom

magaram prajapati says:

witch drill machine r u use

Sladeski says:

“One benefit of this bed is that it’s easy to find in the dark, Just walk until your shin collides with the sharp edge. “

Stephanie Canady says:

Can you try building a similar bed but with a wooden canopy box? I seen a floor platform bed with a canopy box around it. I want it for my room

GummyBear16 says:

These videos are so fun to watch – from a girl who couldn’t even build a shoe stand with step by step instructions lmao

Madeline Schulz says:

This is amazing!

888TopGear888 says:

Looks great for stubbing your toe

Laura Vidal says:

the fact that you weren’t using shoes while using a drill got me really nervous

Pavi Elle Cook says:

Love your tutorials. This will be so helpful when I move into my new house

gu3rim Rodolfo says:

Jessie o/!

Min Tc says:

No ventilation for the bed?

dinh says:


Kevin Tarango says:

have u ever thought of staining it

Matthew Fuller says:

It’s to bad that the bed you showed from you book can’t be bought online. its amazing but i don’t know anything about building

Ibraheem Monks says:

Is this for a double matress or small double?

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