DIY Painting Tutorial / Is This What You Want?

It represents grass.

Shot by the museum-worthy Alan Michnoff





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Sanjay Senthilkumar says:

“When have you not wanted stiff?” BURN!!!

Leeann says:

Alison should dress and do Gabbies make up like she would do her own and Gabbie should do the same thing to her I think thatd be fun to watch haha

tonia th says:

sugar’s so cute!!!

fireinthedust says:

After watching this I feel that my starting minimum is too low: I bet my wife $5 about a fact, and Allison’s minimum is $10. Maybe that’s why she’s got a successful Youtube channel…?

Just Another Human says:

I need to find the Gaby to my Allison

Lucy Servo says:

“when have you ever not wanted stiff?!” hahahahahahah omg

Anna Flores says:

learn to palm read.

London Blue says:

Was I the only one just staring at gabby’s painting the entire time??

TheGroovyJones says:

Fire Flowers are from Super Mario 3. Notallison is creative fraud!

K Costley says:

This inspired me to get off my butt and do my painting homework. Thanks guys

Morgan Naing says:

G:All of these are used.
A:You are used

Arina Arinza says:

Gaby: “Do you think Van Gogh ever worried about messing up?”
Alison: “Yes, he killed himself”

Ameya Futnani says:

Poor Allison I totally stress like this about my friends being better than me

Annaka Moore says:

I just want you to keep doing this

GreenXrays says:

Uhm, anyone else noticed these are very much like the female versions of Jake and Amir.

Tiffany Kern says:

Omg this episode is so funny hahahahahahaha

Zachs Mind says:

I’m trying to imagine what Alan is doing behind the camera. Is he fascinated, or is he sleeping?

theroadtobeauty says:

3 things:

1. I will give you $10 for a clone of Sugar because holy shit what a perfect baby.

2. I relate to Allison’s anxiety about having her talent stolen on a spiritual level.

3. I love when Allison makes Gabby genuinely laugh. It makes me want to be friends with you guys. (In a totally non-creepy way, I swear)

Luna says:

I’m all for editing scenes out of order, but the fluctuating progress on Gabby’s painting kind of made it obvious, just fyi.

lyn's life says:

Allison it’s okay you go slow when you paint. We will wait to see the end result

Tiffany Kern says:

Dis little monster howwwwwww cuteeeeeee aaaaaaa fhffhhdbdhch

Rhiannon Field says:

As an art student, you should’ve done a a wash over the canvas first to act as the background. Dude I feel like a dickhead now

Spazzoid says:

I love how chill Sugar is.

lattegalaxies says:

“isn’t this wonderful? OHH I FUCKED UP!!!” -a statement every artist can relate to

IIdragonslayerII says:

When Gaby started to paint the background blue, it magically disappeared a couple seconds later.

farzana islam says:

I feel like people love your videos, keep watching them one after another, but forgets to hit like.

Katie Morris says:

What happened to the blue paint on Gaby’s canvas?

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