DIY painting car seats to change the color – How-to, tips and precautions

We take an old, faded, seat and try to bring some life back to it by painting it with Duplicolor Vinyl & Fabric Paint with satisfactory results.

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Villin says:

if you use a wire brush on the suede it should go back to normal.

Sein Maestro says:

this legit looks like a cactus chair now. that sounds of friction is too funny

jSaiyan562 says:

I think it looks awesome

The Man the Myth Jordan says:

damn canadians

mobileterminaluser says:

looks better than the grey

Artie VanDelayo says:

When things go wrong is when we really learn! 😉 Thanks

El VAGo says:

I going to give it a like …. this is the kind of videos that really show people how to do things and things that people should be aware of.

Leandro Vienna says:

Hi, can you please tell me which seat rails you used for the Recaros and the R32 GTR seats?
thx in advance
regards 🙂

Gerardo Linares says:

you didn’t clean the seats that well


good tech thanks

Jarryn Smith says:

use a nail brush and warm soapy water for suede in my experience and keep a hair dryer on hand so it doesn’t turn bad

Mike Johansson says:

it was not a fail, the seat will look wacuumcleaned all day long 😉

David Melendriez says:

It’s good, better then be for.


good tech thanks

John Morales says:

I understand you had some flaws and that it wasn’t perfect, that doesn’t concern me. What I really want to know is how long did it hold up, and there was any residual trouble like black showing up on the clothes of people who sat in the passenger seat, etc.



CursezZz says:

did they turn out crunchy? considering doing this to my sti seats

hujimwa says:

does it feel rough to the touch? im looking to do my entire headliner and bits that go with it bit of a job tbh so looking for any tips and help

Anthony lazzara says:

did it dry hard and crusty? i am thinking about doing this myself but i fear that it will turn hard like spray paint does it you get it on your shirt? laugh out loud?

fps paul says:

does it still feel like suede after the spray?

thanks for making this video.

Perez Family says:

looks good! but how long does it last? and how long have u used it for that u can say its safe after so many months and wont stain clothes..thank for video!

Operation Arch Angels says:

Total fail. They have dyes for this kinda projects that you can rub in.

Marc8533 says:

Try sitting in it on a hot summer day, sweating your ass off! Then show me the white shirt.

Phil Lowman says:

How well is it holding up? To me that’d be the main issue. I have an 86 Ford truck with swayed buckets that have faded out but the fabric is still good.

James James says:

Did my headliner with this stuff. Spent the time and did it right and that was 8 years ago and the headliner still looks amazing!

HighSchool says:

This has to be a joke

Charles Lightfoot says:

Great video… I feel bad with the couple of screw ups you had but thats good for us to learn 🙂 Thanks

VelictAF says:

congratulations, you ruined an r32 gtr seat.

OfficeHanchoBoxing says:

These are r32 GTR seats , its pointless trying to restore those. Just pork up the extra money and buy the nismo leather seat covers made specifically for that seat.

Jared Huffman says:

Looks pretty damn good

thornygravy says:

Was it smelly in your car for a while?

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