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Subscribe by clicking here: I I love Sugar Skull art works and wanted to create my own. What better way then to paint them on your Mugs right? This can be a fun project to do with friends or decorate in your home’s glass cabinet. I love how they turned out!

Halloween is a celebration that has been with us through history and mix between cultures. It is also a day to remember the dead. I am aware Día de Muertos also shares similar significance. The importance of a holiday is it’s meaning. Why can’t we learn to share culture and art when it’s the message that needs to be remembered? If you feel hurt, I truly apologize as it is not my intent. I wish to share this meaningful time with you.

My Prada DIY
ugar Skull Template:

Ann Le / Anneorshine

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Oviya Moorthy says:

Could you possibly do this with sharpies??

Cookie Life says:

I don’t understand why some people thought this was so offensive . She really didn’t mock the culture in anyway , she just used it as a decoration . I am Indian , and I don’t mind with they use sari’s , Indian patterns ect in such a way . Tbh in my opinion people are getting way to sensitive , but maybe that’s just me

Marta Martinez says:

omg did you do that marble prada póster? want it soooo much! please do a diy of it!! so much love from spain!!

Oralys betancourt says:

lindas catrinas. parte de la cultura de mi país Y representan al día de muertos para los primeros días de Noviembre. en México.

08Esraa says:

I love the marble Prada board on the background! Did you make it yourself or buy it? I need it, so perfect for my house! X

Mika Chan Sailor says:

mugs look so cute! and you, you shine Ann, so gorgeous!

Jessica Souvannavong says:

Can you diy the gold printed Prada canvas in your video back ground with the marble effect

Jaelyn Quaderer says:

If people of this culture say its offensive then it’s offensive. There shouldn’t be a debate on whether or not you are honoring them. It is so obnoxious for this Ann girl to tell actual Mexican people that they shouldn’t be upset and that sugar skulls are only used for the purpose of Halloween.

Marlen Catalan says:

I love your makeup, especially your eyes. Could you make a tutorial??? 😉

George Simpson says:

These are really nice simple designs in a clear tutorial. I don’t think it’s fair to take all this out on Ann though about it being offensive. Sugar Skulls in recent years have become a commercialised thing across the globe and Ann is just sharing her interpretation of this now-common trend. She clearly isn’t doing this to be offensive to anyone and she’s definitely not the first person to do a sugar skull inspired piece. Perhaps you should go and comment/write to EVERY person who has done sugar skull inspired work.

Creativeflaviagro says:

hi nice video thank you for sharing.i have subscrbed.please vist my channel.thank u

Carina Chung says:

The necklace you’re wearing is so pretty! These mugs are awesome DIYs! Your DIYs are always on point! x

MyCupcakelandia says:

Love it!!!

zevi bloomfield says:

Could you use acrylic paint for this? Thanks:)

chiquitalatinafun says:

Very cute and fun project! What temp do you bake at to make it permanent?

itchy says:

How can I make these Permanent?

Ольга Папсуева says:

Super !!!

White Sage says:

Cool, but you could actually transfer your templates with rubbing alcohol onto your mug and then paint it. Just fyi 😉

Martina Vitas says:

This is so creative! Aweosome idea! 🙂

islandgalD says:

cool mug idea! the design was super cute Ann and I always admire your creativity ^_^ Im so sorry that others are giving u a hard time about it, which idk why bc a lot of people celebrate halloween. I personally am not that into it I just like dressing up lol. i even used your “Cereal killer” idea a few years back as my halloween custome 🙂 but that doesn’t mean that this video wasn’t awesome!! anyways don’t pay attention to people who are negative just for the sake of being mean to others. if you clicked on the link you knew exactly what you were going to watch

Tanya's DIY Party says:

Great video!

Flore says:

You’re so cute and your DIY is beautiful!

Laadiinaa says:

Can you make a cool wall decoration???

Anne Li says:

Omg! My name is Anne as well!

LoveStar says:

Halloween comes from Ireland not America

a Wildflower Life - Healthy Food & Lifestyle says:

I wish I had your paining skills! These look amazing!! <3

Roshni Semuel says:

Hey Ann. You are so so so so so pretty. I love your vids. Keep up the good work. Can you please make a video of rainbow loom? Thank you for reading this message. Hope you reply. Bye.

Mari Marleen says:

I am latina & I don’t mind that people making Dia De Los Muertos for Halloween BUT when it comes to traditional and family gatherings the true Dia de Los muertos is about celebrating the life of passed loved ones not making it about Halloween scary sugar skulls . I do like your channel though and thanks for sharing !

It'sAsira says:

Soooo, Harley passed away?

ënękø ÿõmįï says:


Isabella Gonzalez says:

Just wanted to clear up some things:
Halloween: A celebration created in Europe as a way of people from the villages to dress as monsters, because in that time, monsters were believed to exist. it does not have anything to do with celebrating the death and even less with religion.
Day Of The Death/Dia De Muertos: a celebration that has roots on aztec rituals that is used to commemorate family members or ancestors that are no longer with us. It is usually made by developing a colorful altar with the favorite foods and things of the person, and also a picture.
There is NO relation between Halloween and Dia De Muertos. DOTD was created way before Europeans invaded the Mexican lands, so it has no origin on Europe whatsoever.
Btw for all the people that find this tutorial offensive are totally out of their minds, Ann din’t disrespect any culture, and this mugs could be used as altar decoration too! If the person you are doing the altar for liked coffee, that could be perfect. Good job Ann!

Fxshia says:

Thumbs up this comment if you use graphic stock if you do then follow these tips…

Ok so you use graphic stock but you hate when you have to buy the picture so instead of doing that you can copy and paste the image then you open ”paint” then get a colour that is similar to the one that has the word graphic stock on it then cover the word graphic stock after that your done and you won’t see the graphic stock so then you can put it on your website or something and then you won’t get told told off.
Thx for liking hope this helped!

Nadia Alonso says:

Ann Le, actually i’m really thankfull about the suger skulls, I don’t really care if it has an association with Halloween, WHO GIVES A FUCK, i’m not saying our culture is not beautiful, or colourfull, meaning full, what i’m trying to express is that personally i think that people shouldn’t get offended because IN SOMEWAY HERE IN MEXICO WE CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN, there’s a very cool mixture with american and mexican cultures, if you get offenden about this beautiful creative video that we can use to express our pride for the day of the day, maybe we can put this in the ofrenda next to the pan of muerto (a holiday treat) :D, there’s nothing wrong, for example, a mexican beauty guru makes “halloween treats and DIY skull makeup” and people get offenden, why? why? see it doesn’t have sense, just live and be happy

remember we are all humans regardeless of our culture, country, language etc.


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