DIY Painted Apron with Inktense Pencils

DIY Painted Apron with Inktense Pencils
You can find the inexpensive apron I am painting on from our sponsor CONDA:

Cotton Canvas Professinal Bib Apron
Inktesne Watersoluble pencils or blocks (or acrylic paint)
Stiff paint brushes
Spray bottle of water

1. Smooth canvas apron our on work surface and mist the are you want to draw on with water.
2. Sketch your design in with Inktense pencils or blocks.
3. Brush water over the colored in design to activate the ink.
4. Let dry and enjoy!

DIY Painted Apron with Inktense Pencils

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Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Donna Collins says:

What an amazing idea! Thank you!

Paula Kamman says:

Why did it never occur to me that inktense pencils were INK!
I have a canvas bag that I’ve been wanting to decorate forever! I’ve dragged my feet on how to do it.
Thanks so much!

DaisyAggression says:

Would be great to add appliqués too also

Viki Banaszak says:

This is awesome Lindsay! I have had a canvas bag I need to do something on and I never thought of using my Inktense on it. I only have the small set but I am sure I can make due with those. LOL Send more art supplies(my eternal request of the universe)

Marcie C says:

Love the sunflower! I’ll try it.

teresa b says:

So pretty! Love watching you scetch and color! You make it look so easy! Thank you Lindsay! Have a great night!

Kathy Sammartano says:

I can’t seem to find the adjustable strap version of the apron. Could you link to that as well?

Donna L says:

Thanks for sharing! After watching this video I’m anxious to try inktense pencils 😉 I always look forward to your videos … thanks for putting the time and effort in! Donna

Crafting For Almost Everyone says:

I have advice about the Inktense blocks.  If you have any issues with your hands (arthritis, etc.), the blocks are extremely difficult to remove from the packaging and I broke three just trying to label them.  Luckily, Amazon took them back when I explained how easily they broke.  Maybe mine were cracked from being mailed, but they were too fragile for the way my hands work.  I hope this helps someone who might need more information before making their decision.  Sandy Parker

Brenda Collins Deeks says:

This is a fabulous idea!

livylivy Tsang says:

I like ur watercolour painting but can u shoot some videos about how to do a watercolour painting for beginners. Please

Vanessa AngelRose says:

This is a great idea.

Corry S. says:

Love this, Lindsay! I agree with Teresa…I love watching you sketch and color. You are such a natural, and make it look so easy. However…when I take pencil to’s a whole other story! Keep your great ideas and talent coming, please!!

veaudor says:


Cecilia Löfgren says:

Pity that Conda doesn’t ship to Sweden.*sigh*

pesto12601 says:

Next week… Painting your house exterior with Watercolor paints!

Ruth Luther says:

thought you said you were burning out. Great video but remember to put yourself first.

Alisha M says:

Can you use intense on any fabric?

Billy Bob says:

Studio tour please

Mary Buxbaum says:

Since the Inktense colors will be permanent, does that mean that the apron can be washed?

vanessa kazunas says:

Love love this project such a great idea for Christmas gifts and Birthday etc.another hit out of the ball field for you You are awesome!

Kristen K says:

Awesome apron Lindsay!

Cindy Mead danceswithmoths says:

This is so cute 🙂

Elizabeth Vallely says:

Pretty! You make it soooo easy Lindsay! Thank you for the tips on buying the colour pencils! Thank for Sharing!! Hugs Liz x

Elizabeth Macchi says:

Absolutely love this!!

lisamr40 says:

Thanks for this great idea. My mom gave me an apron that is all white. I think I’m going grab my Inktense pencils and start drawing! Tfs!

Beverlee Mossman says:

Hi Lindsay I have a apron here in my home it does not have any pockets but could paint something on the front thanks Bev

JeanneGS1 says:

This is a great idea! I have the 72 Inktense set and I am so glad I got the full set. I use them quite often and they are my favorite watercolor medium so far. I have a small set of the bars that I got on sale. I haven’t really used them much, although one color that I liked in pencil form was in the bar set, and I was doing a very large painting, so it was very handy to have the larger version for very wide swaths of color. Thank you for your tutorials!

Christie Bullard says:

Would alcohol inks work on this or would it bleed through? I love this idea!

Anita Holmes says:

What a great idea for a gift!  I always admire how well you sketch, so effortless!  You make everything look so easy and I can attest to the fact that it really is never as easy as it looks…LOL…TFS

Sharon French says:

Great gift idea. I love the Sunflower you “painted” on it. Endless possibilities.

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