DIY Paint Job Using Nothing But Rattle Cans

In this video I am going to show you guys how you can paint your car using nothing but rattle cans, we’ll go over how to sand and fix scratches and scrapes, spray 2k primer, apply a urethane base coat and than spray 2k clear coat on top. All of that using only rattle cans.

Here are links to products which were used in this video:

220 Grit Sand Paper:
400 Grit Sand Paper:
1500 Grit Sand Paper:
Ultra Fine Grey Scotch Brite Pad:
2K Primer Gray:
BaseCoat: Search for ERA Paints + Your Car’s Paint Code on Amzn:
2K Clear Coat:
Grease and Wax Remover:
Masking Tape 1.4″ :
Sanding Block:
Tack Cloth:
Microfiber Towels:


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Ken Jones says:

okay friend the best diy video on auto painting i have seen on the tube, WELL DONE SIR I have to go paint my explorer now. wink

starrealtyhopkinton says:

This is EXACTLY what I’ve needed. Thank you so much!

flowman777 says:

Great job thanks…

MR. Phillips KAP says:

good job

Louie Watson says:

krylon… sticks to everything.

Cody Bender says:

look at the sanding scratches… can be avoided with 800 grit

Hannibal Rickerson says:

i cant believe he aint got no dish soap

Avery Alexander says:

Where is the link to elbow grease? I can’t find it.

Francis Antonio says:

Pretty amazing considering he chose a very difficult color (black) to work with and spray cans…………….

Muffinfreak2 says:

i cant find the elbow grease in the discription 🙁


please, show the final result, after polishing and all.

TheSpaceghost69 says:

why didn’t you just paint the whole hood?

Francis Flynn says:

A lot of men do dishes and a lot of “ladies” fix cars. Welcome to the 21st century. Thanks for a very informative tutorial, I may use your ideas on my car hood soon.

The Miracle Madman Show says:

DIY Paint Job Using Nothing But Rattle Cans and triggered SJW’s tears.

dsalaz04 says:

Is the 2k clearcoat spray can not usable after the hardner is mixed?

wuhsasquad extremesquad says:

sex ecstatic

Jar Head says:

I had to look up how much elbow grease costs until I realized that it’s a saying. Pardon me lol

Uriel Frank Fernandez says:

I like how he’s like it’s only for ladies lazy

MountainDaughter says:

dat can control doe.

Auzzam Chaudhri says:

hey, great video.. just had a question around why you changed direction for the clear coat and went vertical rather than horizontal like you did for the base coats and primer

Brenda Henderson says:

Hilarious!! Dishwashing is for ladies…hahahaha!! This lady rides a Harley Road King Classic and didn’t start until I was 53, now I’m 65 with over 65,000 miles under the tires. You’re just too cute, and you have to be a hit with ladies, lol.

Jim Sager says:

You shittin me

Bob Falfa says:

Throw some DP90 on can never go wrong with DP99.

Jon Lopez says:

Video came at the right time, going to paint my Jeep this weekend great tips

AoS says:

oooo you almost got disliked no sauce on burrito? but then you whipped out ur personal sauce and now you get a like

DaytonCarCare says:

You can still purchase a low cost suction fed spray gun (that will run off a carpenters compressor) and paint materials for less than $200. Would look much better than shooting with spray cans. Spray cans work well with smaller parts or using them on a motorcycle.

Kc Alex says:

I just need this to treat a spot on top. So I hope this works.

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