DIY Paint Booth Construction Project!

Check out Soylent here and use coupon code LINUSTECH for a 20% discount, expiring March 31.

I put together a new paintbooth! Some sweet DIY painting videos coming soon, maybe!?

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Joseph Smith says:

Soylent tastes like wallpaper paste.

Random Ryan says:

Linus, does this still exist?

GormyGorm says:

*Linus* “Those are glass shards in the eye glasses”
*Yvonne* “They still protect my eyes”


So where is the intake? Looks like it will draw in air from the bottom of the booth, taking dust with it in to the paint area

ooJiraiyaSama says:

oh god, Linus, nobody does this hairstyle anymore since at least 2001! please never do that again…

XD nice video still like ever 😉

Trixler293 says:

haha we painted an f150 in a set up like this. Thicker pipe and tarps instead.

Ryan Sharp says:

Interesting change to the hair…PAINT IT ALL! Get yourself a set of pvc cutter if you ever decide to do any more DIY vids…cheaper, quicker, and cleaner cuts…And as far as your add goes…Look up the movie soylent green. Interesting watch.

SmolKing says:

Soylent shouls make a green version

TurtleBeacher says:

“youve been eating a lot of m&ms lately why don’t you step on it” most disrespectful comment to women 2016.

BaddMatt says:

I am surprised that Linus is still amongst us after the M&M joke.

Trex_steak says:

nice 20%

Error.404 says:

I’m a huge fan.. but that hair cut…. never again loll

Biggies Gaming says:

ummmmm Mohawk much 2:57

Vape Nation says:


martinshoosterman says:

I dont see the point of the large exhaust fan. If you dont cut out any holes for exhaust fans then you won’t need eye protection. Its a win win.

Balubish Tech says:

Soylent, its cocaine in a bag baby!

abhinav says:

what the hell is wrong eith your hair?

zcribe says:

Fallout 3 raider Linus.

Joel Ivy says:

Remember Soylent green is made from people

fr0zeN says:


adaniel2929 says:

So Linus is sponsored by the other white meat…

xckristencx says:

oH SHIT you can use a tent as a paint booth

Richard's World says:

All of this to paint a video card? LOL

bogusbyte says:

Soylent = shit…. eat real food… tastes better and dont bore you to hell ……

eevee says:

Dexter approves

RecliningWhale says:

Is $2.42 per bottle really considered affordable? For a guy my height that’d be 3 per day so $7.26 per day, $50.82 per week, $220.83 per month on average. That’s quite a lot to be spending each month on ‘food’. Or are you not meant to replace each meal with a bottle of soylent?

CrimsonYeti says:

Linus…. buy some ratcheting tube/PVC cutters…… wasting time with saws.

Dominic Zhang says:

Derp you said 10% but its actually 20% 😉

Christopher Piccoli says:

5:55 but Linus…. SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!

TurtleBeacher says:

can’t believe almost 2 minutes of this video was a advertisement.

victor nilsson says:

Dexter setup video

Matthew Lim says:

5:55 Is when the best part happens! He shows the painting booth working! 😀

AadamZ5 says:

step 1: paint outside

Archie Johnston says:

What’s up, guyw. You’re Shbrp! stitch bless What’s happening3. 1!

Ee Yong says:


Criminal Scrub says:


xPJason says:

4:05 What’s up with the WAN show stuff?

Nilk Narf says:

air inlet/filter ?

Pingz says:

overkill much?

Zachst3r _ says:

Worries about safety glasses while wearing sandals

Logiwonk says:

Wait, what? Soylent is acutely food? WTF – who’s idea was it to name an acute food after a scifi food that is MADE OF PEOPLE. Also, nutritional studies routinely bear out that whole food nutrients are better absorbed than these kinda of concotions. Dislike is for Linus digging on his wife’s eating habits.

Jack Morgan says:

Soylent Green is people !!!!!!!!!!!
movie refrence ,i know you know the movie LOL

Gedyy says:

All those dislikes 🙁

Energy Core says:

Is that soylent green?

Bandit 1 says:

Does soylent still make green chips?

Stevesquaredink says:

old ass movie soylent green about people being mad in to food bars makes you wonder

Monkeypeas says:

hahaha, soylent, imma go have a bacon sammich~

Aisha Love says:

Soylent is the worst name they could possibly pick for that health nut BS.

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