DIY: Paint Bedroom Furniture Easy!

Easily Transform your old bedroom dresser by painting. It is fun, cheap and rewarding!

This is a video on how I painted my bedroom dresser. Enjoy!

Items Used:

Husky 9 ft. x 400 ft. Clear .31 mil Painter’s Plastic
Linzer 8-Piece Paint Tray Set ( Contains tray and mini roller)
Scotch 1.41 in. x 60 yds. Production Painting Masking Tape
3M Pro Grade 9 in. x 11 in. 60 Grit Coarse No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper (5 pieces)
3M Pro Grade 9 in. x 11 in. 120 Grit No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper (5 pieces)
Ultra Steel 1.5 Amp Palm Sander
Sherwin Williams Quick Dry Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Primer
Martha Stewart Living 10-oz. Polished Silver Metallic Paint (Used 1 and 1/4 bottles)

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lynne robinson says:

Love it x

Lisa Kambel-Campbell says:

I watched your entire video – and loved it. I am inspired to use metallic paint on something now – and what an endorsement you gave Martha Stewart! …She should hire you! 😉 Great job! Thank you!

Laquita Johnson says:

That purple wall OMG beautiful! Did you pant it purple?

Casey Sharp says:

All I saw was her teeth

WierdGlitteryCats says:

why do u need to sand it? Can’t u just apply Primer?

Catherine C Allison says:

they don t have it no more …order off line …that Stuff do Work!!!!

Darkchild williams says:

You’ve inspired Me To My Furniture 🙂

M says:

You are too cute 🙂 Thanks so very much for sharing.

Enza Scalia says:

Thank you. Learned alot and now I am confident in painting my vintage make up table black!

Linda Hart says:

What kind of paint roller did you use?

Kelly Jeffries says:

what a beautiful smile you have x

Lisa W says:

Go to 2:30 for actual instructions

Ebony Nicole Jackson says:

Love it!

Katherine Allen says:


Paranormal Life says:

i love how happy you are keep it up!

Lorena Knox says:

So your furniture was real wood?

Autumn Dyer says:

Awesome video! very easy to understand nd follow. Your furniture is beautiful! Thank you for the lesson

Kayinfso Here says:


Lisa Ceizler says:

starting a salon and needing to paint with these color schemes… high gloss white and silver…. thank you for the Martha Stewart paint tip! love how excited you got! I totally get it!

Kelsey Reid says:

thank so much for this helpful video, I feel like I can do my own dresser now! it’s ugly and white and I’ve had it since the 90s!

Genisis Young says:

Do you HAVE to sand it???

Chema Brinval says:

I cannot stop staring at your beaufitul purple brick wall…. how did you get that? Thanks!

Sabrina M Cherry says:

I think you did an amazing job. Martha Stewart should hire you just for the fact that you “advertised” how great her metallic paint was. (Like the Patty Labelle famous pie) I had no idea she has paint. Hmmm interesting. Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed the video.

Just Coni justme says:

Great job! I bet you’re proud of your achievement and I hope it inspires you to do more DIYs. I wonder how hard it would’ve been to remove the mirror from its frame? Hmm…something I need to try myself.

Jayce Rulez says:


Christine G. Padua says:

OMG!! SOOOOOOO AWESOME!! AND I love your energy and positive attitude! Great job!! 😉 🙂

Natasha Marley says:

what white paint did you use after the primer?

blkbrn1952 says:

If you don’t want to sand look into liquid sandpaper, it eliminates the need to sand, so much easier.

Ann Schroll says:

So glad your here. I just started repainting a cabinet in my bathroom. I primed it with Kilz and put two coats of soft silver on It. Next I am adding bright silver with a dry brush. I think the last step I am going to put a antique wash over it. But haven’t decided. Hope mine looks as good as yours.

Bessy Habtom says:

You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing!


OMG! I found an angel, this was everthing I was in need for!!!!! You did a very wonderful well explained and easdy to follow1 I lo veved it! Thank you soooooooooooooooomuch

Lara Morrow says:

You are so sweet and bubbly! You remind me of Tasty from Orange is the New Black. She is the kindest, funniest character. Great dresser! Thank you.

Seda says:

Thanks for posting!

jasperswife7711 says:

Thanks for the tips!

Leowulf™ says:

Me before college/having my own apartment: “A dresser for $500? What is it made of gold.”

Me after college/having my own apartment: :”I’m going to sleep on cardboard for four years.”

Furniture is expensive :l

Tina Burden says:

I am redoing my husband’s dresser from high school (20 years ago!). I was told not to sand, but watching your video made me agree with you. The varnish needed to come off before I primer, so it will adhere better. Your video was uplifting, great attitude. I will be removing a few of the drawers to make shelves for game controllers and a baskets for storage. I am thinking about painting it black, but might use Martha Stewart paint as an accent as well. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

lux rasic says:

I love it… great point of inspiration… thank you for sharing… Ginge

Laufey Helgadottir says:

beautiful outcome and very helpful video 🙂

Diane Mar says:

the areas with the curbs could be sanded by hand, is beautiful

amaria z says:

this was great

Jean Dudley says:

Nice job!

Shivice Brown says:

Great energy !!!!! Love it

Memaw Evans says:

Great job!!!

Stephanie B says:

Great Video! Did you seal it afterwards?

Bernakol says:

You call this easy?

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