DIY Nontoxic Carpet Cleaning

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Ned Fulmer
Ariel Fulmer


Abigail Ashley says:

It stills looks dirty af! I’d use peroxide and dawn in a squirt bottle. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub. That always seems to work for me.

cedric pro says:


Robot Tablet says:

We dont have a steam cleaner then what

Regina Guanlao says:

Did anyone think that the vacuuming of baking soda was oddly satisfying?

habiba alami says:


Kaitlin73Art says:

But it still looks dirty though…

Laura Duncan says:

With a rug that size, my grandma would’ve thrown it in the wash with a couple towels and then hang dry it.

Jarryd Meyer says:

u say use a steam cleaner, then you continue on with a flipping CARPET CLEANER!

chubby bunny says:


Virginia Clark says:

I gotta say, I prefer the toxic carpet cleaning. It makes for a more exciting journey!

Arun Sooknarine says:

It’s still dirty though…

cedric pro says:


Aishwarya Mudgal says:

oh god I am so early !!!

Thalia Tyler says:

I’ve always used 45 percent rubbing alcohol, 45 percent water and 10 percent fabricsoftener. It literally gets any spots and dirtiness out.

Miley Ohman says:

5th like, and comment

chubby bunny says:

11nth comment

LitenHvitKatt says:


CynLouWho says:

Or you can take it to the laundromat…

Mateo Verheij says:


Susan Harris says:

Buy a new rug easier

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