DIY Non-toxic + Vegan Cleaning Supplies! (Budget Friendly)

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• Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap:
• Castille Soap:
• Baking Soda:
• Rosemary Essential Oil:
• Peppermint Essential Oil:
• Tea Tree Essential Oil:
• Glass Spray Bottles
• Foamable Soap Dispensers


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Karamoonsage says:

Caitlin Shoemaker Thank you so much for choosing a castile soap that is palm oil free! Great video concept. Thanks for posting!

Madeline Michael says:

LOVE this video. Thank you so much for being awesome, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Monica Diaz says:

Caitlin, what do you use to wash your white clothes instead of bleach?

Harley says:

I love making my own cleaning supplies! So much cheaper. Just a tip though, if you have natural stone, try alcohol instead of vinegar. Vinegar will damage stone surfaces over time.

Iandude1000 says:

Hiya, i want to get the ebook when i get some money, was wondering are these recipes good for a guy too, as we need more calories im guessing? Thanks love these vids so helpful!

Heather Rivera says:

One thing to keep in mind with vinegar is what it is derived from. Some people don’t care, but I personally won’t buy the popular cheap vinegar brands because they derive from petroleum or something like that. I forget exactly, its been a while since I did my research. So I try to get potato derived vinegar. Unfortunately they won’t say on the bottle so you gotta do the research before.

Melissa Nuñez says:

Yay I’m glad you made this video! I’ve been making bug repellent with essential oils and distilled water. I love that it’s safe to use on my plants and near my animals. My family uses harsh bug spray and the smell is so strong and toxic. I’m glad there are alternatives!

MayraDairyFree says:

This is a great video! So important to make non-toxic cleaning supplies!

Sara B says:

this was incredibly helpful, thank you so much Caitlin!

Aurora bookworm says:

Hi! Could you also do a video about diy skincare products? It would be really useful

BLANCHARD Olivia says:

I am so shocked to hear that soap isn’t made with plant-based glycerin ! I am not yet a vegan, currently going vegetarian and 100% dairy free, but this is shocking!

Iandude1000 says:

Hmm where is the best place to contact for info, i dont have a cell phone so cant even use instagram thanks.

Eleni Cassar says:

Love this video!! Would love to see more like this 🙂

Emily Donnelly says:

That surface cleaner would work for your mirrors too!

Edit: I have shared this on ourlocal vegan group and to my facebook! I am defintiely switching to using this general cleaner for cleaning my rat cage!

Brenna Thompson says:

Perfect timing! My roommate is pregnant and wants to replace our cleaning supplies with the cleanest/least toxic
ones available. We will definitely try these.

Karoline bcd says:

are the paintings in the background by annie? 🙂

Tiffany X says:

Not directly related to veganism, but would love a more in depth video about essential oils

A&F says:

*YES!* I have beenn asking for this. Thanks so much 😉

Lauren Wallace says:

I make my own detergent, hand soap, cleaners. All that jazz! I have some dr. Bronners I just ordered from amazon arriving tomorrow:) also fun fact! Be careful what essential oils you use as a lot of them claim to be 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils but in fact actually are not! And filled with synthetic oils that are man made and then you’re actually using them to clean thinking they’re pure and they’re not :/

Mari says:

I just discovered you recently and have been loving your videos! I was wondering if you could make one on meat alternative recipes! I’m starting a vegan diet but my fiancé isn’t on board (yet!). I’d love to see recipes with meat alternatives like eggplant and cauliflower etc.. that we both can enjoy.

Fox Lady says:

My question is not related to this video, but do you have like a haircare routine or any tips for healthy hair, skin, ect.?
Your hair is just always looks healthy and shiny :3

eb says:

the last DIY air freshener is genius! thanks!

Mai Nguyen says:

Some of the yoga studios I go to also make their own mat cleaner from vinegar and essential oils! It smells sooo good and I’m glad I can make something similar to clean the home.

RainbowPlantLife says:

What a great idea for a video! I get so discouraged when I see all the crazy ingredients in common cleaning supplies, so this was a much-needed video!

Camryn Alexus says:

Very helpful awesome video!!! Can you do DIY health products like deodorant, toothpaste, etc.?

David Mcgregor says:

I use the brand’s ecoleaf & ecover which are plant based products and do not test on animals and when it comes to toiletries I use either Tesco’s or Superdrugs products because both don’t test their products on animals. Tesco’s even fund research into alternative methods. Both these stores are United Kingdom based retailers.

Ben Young says:

Have you made body products? Cosmetics, soaps or deodorant?

Christina Marie says:

This is the perfect video for me! I’ve been meaning to look more into healthier cleaning products but haven’t had the chance, thanks so much for sharing caitlin 🙂

Bunny Runner says:

I use method !

Demetria Doty says:

This was a great video!! Thanks for all the work you do ☺️☺️ love your content!

Ash K says:

Putting citrus peels in the vinegar is another way to get rid of the weird smell!

Sarah Anderson says:

thanks for this! but can you do a video on shampoo, conditioner, body and face soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc?

Lea Lou says:

Warning: Tea Tree EO is toxic for dogs and other animals

Ciara Jonah says:

I love these videos, they’re helpful even to long term vegans. I know you’ve touched on beauty and skincare in other vids but think looking at how to source vegan skincare and maybe some diy products like soaps and bath salts would be so cool as a future vegan starter kit video.

Iandude1000 says:

Sorry to ask but does Caitlin ever reply on her videos, i really think shes awesome thanks

Ashley Viveros says:

I highly suggest you looking into the environmental working group’s website. It’s really helpful when picking out non-toxic or harmful items for the environment and yourself. They rate products on how harmful they are to the environment!

Backstageblues says:

Love your channel so much, I refresh and replay the ads. Would you ever do a video on kitchen stuff? I’m always looking for blender and food processor reviews.

Tia b says:

Thank you so much!! I have a 3 month old son and I’ve been looking for some good cleaning supplies that are safe around him!


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Leah Slavens says:

Thank you for this video!!! Seriously so helpful

Ellie Young says:

LOVE this! lol I’m probably more likely to make these than to make my own food

April Thompson says:

So glad you made this video! I am currently transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and was getting stressed about finding vegan cleaning products.

Melissa Taylor says:

Very Helpful ! great video

Amy Pimperton says:

Amazing! Thank you!

Claire Gannon says:


Sydney Ni says:

*gasp* my notifications betrayed me!
Anyway, this was very helpful thank you so much <3

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