DIY non-toxic toilet cleaning bomb tutorial

Here’s an easy DIY to eliminate bathroom/toilet odor. It’s also a great DIY non-toxic toilet cleaner. Lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit essential odors kill the odor. The entire product is not only very efficient, it will save you a lot of money then buying a similar product in the store!

– 1 1/3 cup Baking soda (deodorizes)
– 1/2 cup Citric acid (removes stains)
– 30 drops each of the following essential oils: Lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit (this blend will kill any odor!!)
– 3 drops of blue or green natural food coloring (just for pretty aesthetic)

– Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the food coloring and mix well. Place the oils in a small spray bottle with 1/2 tsp water.
– Spritz the mixture until it feels like slightly wet (not too wet) sand.
– Press into silicone cookie molds or ice cube trays. Allow the bombs to dry completely before pressing out of the molds. Store in a mason jar with a pretty label.

To Use: Toss a bomb into the toilet BEFORE YOU GO (particularly #2). This way there will be zero odor.


Rykyoung says:

could you throw them in after u flush the toilet?

Minako341 says:

Can you use these for baths?

SasserN8 says:

Great video, Sophie. A pity the show hosts were idiots, in particular, Mark!

Angel Reed says:

hi Sophie great idea can’t wait to try it where do you get the citric acid

Basharat Ali Rana says:

can we use lemon juice instead of citric acid

InTheGlow135 says:

Does this replace scrubbing the toilet? I’m going to make some. I’ve seen some with washing soda to that would e more for personal use.

Christina Stark says:

Where did you purchase your natural coloring products?

Pat Stone says:


Umm Hussain says:

Hen you have four children using the same bathroom, this is exactly what you need!

Monica Schultz says:

these are just like shower fizzies. i can make the same thing for shower and toilet

Miss Amanda says:

This is, hands down, my most favorite segment I have viewed.. I just rolled on the floor in laughter when it aired. You guys are a hoot! And….. the grandkids are making these as Christmas gifts for the parents this year! Thank you Sophie for all that you share. Hugs!

Dymundsnpearls says:

Sophie, I used your recipe and they were so sticky. it’s been a week and they stick to each other. What did I do wrong??

Mahogany_Hues says:

Wow, taking credit for something that’s been part of the DIY community for ages. Just shameless. More appropriate to say inspired by an amazing global community of DIYers… doesn’t take anything away from you.

Diane Sterling says:

Put in a “flavor” and the dog-drinker would have a sweet snack while drinking from the toilet!

WeAreOne says:

wow i cant believe how mark was EXTREMELY rude during this entire video

Megan Velez says:

Omg this video is cracking me up!

debkogelman says:

I made a comment to you about baking soda takes out odors so why use essential oils or any other scents? And since you publicly TRIED TO CORRECT ME WITH MY SPELLING YOU FIRST NEED TO READ THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RESPONDS. All of these recipes given with the use of baking soda to DESTROY ODORS, once again I’m asking why use ESSENTIAL OILS, Is it not a sent or a odor? YOU FEEL ME!!

IThinkItsForYou says:

Genius! Does everything you want and isn’t toxic to the environment!

Johnny Best says:

Industrial strength.. lol.

Umm Hussain says:

Where do you get the citric acid? thanks!

Tami Gorman says:

Are they safe for a septic?

101Corkscrews says:

Great video. Good DIY.. He acts a little immature ☺️

debkogelman says:

Baking soda destroys order so why do people put essential oils or any other sent in. Sales pitch for essential oils?

Chippy R says:

do we put it in the freezer?

Marietta Smith says:

Can you use vinegar instead of water?

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