DIY Natural Cleaning Products | Cleaning Routine Hacks

Quick, easy and affordable DIY natural, organic and environmental friendly cleaning products. These homemade cleaning products are what we use to clean our Airstream.

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Shop the products in this video:
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↠ Lavender Oil –
↠ Tea Tree Oil –
↠ Lemon Oil –
↠ Sandalwood Oil –
↠ Witch Hazel –

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Lhouse810 says:

You have to get hazel from a witch!? Where did you guys ever find a witch!?

Kristen & Siya says:

Quick, easy and affordable DIY natural, organic and environmental friendly cleaning products. These homemade cleaning products are what we use to clean our Airstream. PS. I noticed for the last product I said 20 drops of lavender oil and wrote 10….it’s 10 drops 🙂 Where I got my bottles:

Kathleen Beirne says:

Where did you get the glass spray bottles?

iamsoaringeagle says:

Do you think your Airstream will be big enough to accommodate you all when your sweet babe arrives?

Will you be finding out baby’s gender before arrival?

Also,do you have a composting toilet? Otherwise asking wouldn’t toilet products be black water rather than gray?

hjvvlhj says:

I like the purple hair

Kristen & Siya says:

All products in this video are listed in the video description

hjvvlhj says:

hi, when is baby due? name?

Danny Shadle says:

How many ounces are those bottles and where did you buy them? Thanks for the great video!

Romina says:

This is a great video. Super easy to understand for someone who is new to all of this! Great job with it Kristen. Also, I love those glass bottles! I was looking into some that looked just like that on Amazon for my plant food and watering.

Allegro Assai says:

Hm,… be careful, both vinegar as well as lemon juice might ruin plastic coatings as well as they might damage marble. Just that a substance doesn’t look like a chemical doesn’t mean it can’t do any harm. Try vinegar on weeds for instance.

Bloodytulips s says:

I wanna know how you are preparing for the baby☺️☺️☺️

S Miller says:

Awesome! I really want to make these but I’ve never dabbled in essential oils. Something new for me to try… yay! I love y’all, Atlas, Luna and your channel! Kinda binge watching today! Lots of Love! ♥♥♥ 🙂

Naima GEND says:

Great video! But we don’t have witch hazel in France or not easy to find
Can I switch this by another product?

Doug Ferrera says:

Minchia fuhgeddaboudit that was so awesome and sounds alot cheaper n safer than the regular crap

Travel With Mansoureh says:

Kristen thanks for sharing this. It is so useful. :*

A Jaunt With Joy says:

Do you have any recipes for naturally (and effectively) cleaning cat or dog urine? I dogsat for a lady once who gave me a mason jar of her homemade concoction for pet accidents but I never got the recipe! If not, I’m sure I can google it. I just know you guys have a dog and might use something natural for him. 🙂

Hannah Boyd says:

AMAZING! How do you store the bottles? Any expiration?

Travel With Mansoureh says:

BTW, when is your due? can’t wait to see your little baby :*

Roni says:

Loved this, thank you!

iamsoaringeagle says:

Do you use a particular brand of essential oils?

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