DIY Natural Cleaning Products | Clean With Me 2018

DIY Natural Cleaning Products | Clean With Me 2018

After receiving lots of comments from you guys asking for my DIY cleaning product recipes I decided to share them with you today in this video. I have included some of these in other videos but I thought it would be helpful to have all of my recipes in one video so here it is. I’ve also created a FREE printable with all of the ingredients and instructions to make these products and I hope it helps to make your life a little easier.

All of these recipes have been tried and tested by me and I’ve been making and using them regularly for a number of years.

Anyway, if you have any DIY cleaning recipes I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Anyway, thanks so much for watching.




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Shelley's Cloud says:

Printed! Thank you!

happyflowers1212 says:

Do you think the drinking chocolate shaker would be useful as a air freshner? Just left in the room?

laura andreea chelan says:

Thank you. Indeed very practical!

robin drew says:

I literally was just searching for good diy cleaning recipes and then saw you posted this! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Emilia Kruszynska says:

Thank you! I was waiting for this video 🙂

Allybiz7 says:

Great recipes! Thank you!

Jane Lowe says:

You’ve actually inspired me to do this! Would love to know where you got those spray bottles from? And would you mind if I share this link on my next newsletter? xx

linziibinzii says:

Thank you so much for this! Can’t wait to try these recipes out! ☺

J Jackson says:

I’m a guy, and I find your videos helpful, Thanks! -Jon

Dev Carina says:

Thank you for posting these recipes. I will definitely try them.

Aimèe Helen says:

Thank you for making this video! But do you not use anything to sterilize the kitchen countertops? I tried a recipe with vinegar for the kitchen but we can’t stand the smell (even tho we had essential oils in it as well)..

soleil grey says:

what if you cant get castile soap.. any suggestions? ox

Tessa says:

Where do you buy the Castille soap from? ( nz based)

Rosemary Kahn says:

Thank you so much for this video and the printables! These will be kinder to our environment and easier on the budget.

Nadia Monteiro says:

What would be the portions in grams and milliliters? I’d love to try them out!

Kimberly Welt-Fragomeni says:

Where is link for printable?
Great recipes. Love your videos.

Lisa Ryan says:

These are wondeful, I make a sink cleaner and air freshner with similar ingredients. My favorite essential oil are lavendar, verbena and lemon grass. Thanks for the printable!

Tamara Chilingaryan says:

Very good vid. Excellent!!!!

Joyce McDaniel says:

These are great products. Will definitely being using them.

Ionela Fessler says:

Oh yeah I enjoyed it! 🙂 Great recipes. Thank you! Cleaning time 😉

Pixie-Rose The Frenchie says:

Love these ideas. Thank you

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