DIY Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Whether you live by yourself, with a partner, or have a few kiddos, the bathroom is the dreaded must clean zone.. Today I’m sharing a few easy & natural DIY’s to use when cleaning your bathroom + how I generally clean this room… Contrary to what it may seem on this channel, my house is NOT always clean, and it’s aaaaall good. I definitely think a bit more clearly in a clean space, but it’s not always realistic, so I clean whenever I can.

DIY Bath Bombs
1 1/3 cup baking soda
½ cup citric acid
add water a little at a time till it becomes mixed together.
10 Drops Lavender essential oil
10 Drops Peppermint essential oil
10 Drops Lemon essential oil

DIY ‘Poop-Pourri’ Recipe
1/2 Water
1/2 Witch Hazel
10 Lemon Essential
10 Lavender Essential

DIY Surface Spray
1/2 Water
1/2 Vinegar
Essential oils of your choice. I used-
5 Drops Lemon
5 Drops Lavender

Shark Steam Mop (I bought this myself on Amazon, and I’m absoutely obsessed.)

Essential Oils

Glass Spray Bottles (set of 6 for $9 on Amazon)









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Cláudia L says:

Baking soda and vinegar will kill all germs!

AZhou777 says:

these are sooooooooo helpful for cleaning the bathroom epecially the poo pourri cause guys poopy smells stinky=(

Siti Zafira says:

where can i get the sponge that u used for cleaning the bath tub…

lucart08 says:

Are your bathroom tiles travertine? I have travertine in my bathroom and was told not to use any acidic products, so I was afraid to use lemon & vinegar. Doesn’t the lemon juice drip on the travertine & make it more porous? Also, the same question with the lemon essential oil. Please let me know if you disagree or have other advice. Thank you! Your videos are really helpful.

Lok'tar Ogar! says:

Jesus, if you just dry your shower every time you are done showering, you will avoid the formation of hard water, and it is also nice to take a shower in a clean bathroom.. shower should be dry right after use, i dont know how can you wait 1 week or more in order to do that.

Laetitia Vaiana LAU says:

Hi Rachel. First of all, thank you for all your tips it is very interesting. Do you know the essential oil: tea tree?

ava Lu says:

plz do more diy snacks and toys i love your channel !!!

thefamilymixx says:

vinegar is my favorite cleaning product. that and a magic eraser.

Clean Perth says:

Wow very detail and useful video! We would definitely remind our customer to do cleaning like you suggested regularly to keep the house fresh and smell good after we finish domestic cleaning in the property!

chibbie52 says:

Love your amethyst.

Sydney Wands says:

Just a heads up… you can not use a steam cleaner on wood floors! ❤️

E Penzin says:

Is there any substitute for witch hazel

Gleem says:

All good. Thank you for sharing 🙂

lilyaliaga08 says:

Does rice vinegar work? Or does it have to be normal vinegar?

Julia Collins says:

Great ideas, Rachel. Thanks!!

beyhive killa says:

Where do u get the little spray bottles from ???

Echa Kiut says:

Where i can find citric acid?

Roopa.D Manjunath says:

hi can u tell how to the mirrors and comode outside

Flairelle says:

I mix baking soda and white vinegar for the toilet. Wonder if I can do the cubes that way too

R Jani says:

Love all your videos! They are brilliant! Where do you get the essential oils from?

fantasiosa20 says:

You should blog post every tip! I will forget soon :/

Sarah Ward says:

To make your steam mop last a lot longer you should use distilled water to prevent mineral build up. I’ve owned a few steam mops, and using the distilled water really helped extend the life of my second mop. My first one died after about a year

Crystal Jones says:

Hey Rachel…Loved this video!….Can I ask where did you get the citric acid? I checked WholeFoods but it only comes in a small container(medicine bottle size). I was wondering was there another place, physic where I could get it, in a larger jar, at an affordable price? Just can’t get enough of your tips, hubby always knows where I get them because I show him your vids and I brag about how great they work…..So you definitely get the credit when I’m sharing…..Thanks again Lady!

WinterBornGirl1201 says:

It is actually better to use a spray bottle and water instead of pouring the water. when you pour the water the mixture will react and it won’t fizz as much when you use it in the toilet!

Estelle Davy says:

it’s “pot pourri ” it’s French and pot means jar ahah

Мари Шик says:

Какая молодая, удивительно мудрая, хозяйственная девушка. Как жаль, что я не понимаю английского и только догадываясь о том что вы делаете

Jamie R. says:

Yay, Rachel! Thank you 🙂


Pooperie!!!! Yes

Jahlia says:

You have a very lovely home!

Littlemissjas Vlogs says:

She’s like ” I don’t think anyone likes cleaning toilets” and I’m here like ” ummm……….”

ruth jackson says:

love your ideas! about the toilet… u not clean underneath the rim?mine always stays clean because I always clean it with a brush

Karina Pome says:

I love all of these! I personally clean my stuff with vinegar and lemon but I really need to show this video to my mom. She is the bleach queen which only always triggers my asthma.


Where do you get your oils from?

طيبة الطيبة says:

Awesome thank you so much

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