Hey friends! Today I want to share a non toxic mop solution I’ve been using that’s safe for young ones and pets. 😀 Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed!

Spin mop I use and love:

Bucket of warm to hot water
2 cups distilled white vinegar: grocery stores
10+ drops lemon essential oil: I bought mine through Young Living

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rdml1125 says:

Any cleaning tips for wood floors?

jjlovemusic4ever says:

did you know that the cats don’t like the smell of lemon ? so your cats may not be happy when you clean the floor with this lemon essential oil

RVSD1984 says:

There’s someone here on YouTube that did a cleaning video, watched it last week don’t know the name but her thumbnail has two mop buckets and she said she don’t recommend this mop because hers cracked in like four months or something. I wanted one so bad and was going to get it at Walmart but I saw her say it wasn’t worth it so I didn’t want it anymore. I will try to find her name.

Ellie Vu says:

The best feeling is a clean house. I love this video so simple but helpful!

hargurl says:

Do you specially clean your grout and use grout sealer?

orangeyumpop says:

I love these types of videos. Please make more diys like this.

Judy Dubinsky says:

Thanks for the tip. I am a floor freak as well. Might try the mop, cause I liked the Cuban mop which is just a dowl on a stick. Not sure you know what it is but you wrap a towel that is rung out on it and mop. You do have to get your hands wet from ringing it out in fresh water and rewrapping but like you can wash the towel after. I guess you can take off the mop and wash as well. I saw they have repayments so it must be easy to take off. The thanks again. Keep up the great work on the channel. Judy

Josette Rowan says:

Which mop is better the steam mop I’ve seen you use or your spin mop from this video. I have cats and kids. They are messy.

MsJessyNola says:

cleaning hacks and diy. yes please

Sheetal says:

i love this! I have to try it…and the possibilities of choosing scents is crazy! I would love to try this with lavender oil 🙂

BabasMama says:

I use vinegar baking soda and lemon for all my cleaning, chemical free! More videos like this pls! 🙂

Julia Guzman says:

I enjoy your video. thank you.

SmurfetBaby says:

I’m a part of a cleaning group and all I could think about what the nasty grout in the tiles that weren’t getting cleaned.

neringaabbas says:

Super! I have two kids so I need to know how to clean hause with no chemicals!!! Please more videos like this!!!! Love u too xxxx from London

Melissa2087 says:

I just started using Vinegar and it is seriously a miracle worker!!! I threw out all my old floor cleaners and just stick to using Vinegar

JJ InMyKitchen says:

yes viniger is awesome ….your so cute in all your videos 🙂

Amanda Madison says:

Yes please!

Monique Lopez says:


Nirzhar Kar says:

can you put this in a spray bottle and mop as you spray?

Dani D says:

Yay! I’ve been wondering about all those spin mops and wondering which one would be good to get. I need one. Now I know which one I’m getting, it also helps that I’m always buying on Amazon. lol
Thanks for sharing and I’m going to have to try out the cleaning solution. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to using vinegar sooner.

animegirl19942009 says:

I hope you can do a stane remover for carpets I have a 2 year old and man do they get bad

Tachi Hogans says:

I really enjoy these types of videos, they motivate me to clean and I like using healthier options. Thank you 🙂 and Happy early Thanksgiving to you, God Bless.

Allyson Le says:

YES! more cleaning tips!! Not sure if makeup or cleaning makes me happier LOL

katie Orf says:

I love using vinegar for cleaning. Cheaper and better than chemicals.

Open_ur_eyes 32 says:

You should check out the YouTube channel Clean My Space. It’s right up your alley!!

thenurseC says:

Yes more!! Thank you!

Flower Flower says:

Yes April! More cleaning videos please!!!

Natalie Rivera says:

sorry moping is really gross and stuff. I use my shark steam mop.

casey darling says:

Please do a cleaning routine video!

Hello Hello says:

Cleaning is so important and everyone should keep their belongings and properties clean!! Please share more cleaning videos and tips.

Dee 06Y says:

Won’t the essential oil make the grout oily then turn brown?

Lai Harrison says:

yes please more cleaning videos.

RVSD1984 says:

Mommy Ect is her YouTube name but she said the spin and go 360 mop or something like that

LivingSantiago says:


Charlie Beagle says:

Where you buy that mop bucket and how much for one?

Ruthie says:

Vinegar is a must in my life! I get headaches from cleaning products. I also use vinegar has my fabric soften for clothes.

Lindy F says:

April, two things- 1. You shirt is gorgeous! Please tell us where it is from! 2. I’d love to see more DIY cleaning videos 🙂 XO

Kongmeng Vang says:

I love this video! you should do more videos like this one!

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