DIY Miniature Puff Paint (Really Works) Doll School & Art Supplies

Hey guys! Today, I’m making DIY Miniature puffy paint art supplies for your dolls.

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Kids: always ask for a parent’s help when starting a craft.


Doll School supplies:


Juan Zavala says:

can you make a school supplies

Elle-mae Logan says:


sherlrice ellis says:

love your puff paint

miss Madisyn Ratliff says:

cffvbh CNN fmdjdmdmfnrnfnfndrmrndmdndbx

The Little Girl MC says:

its so cute

Илона Няшка says:

Оочень классно

nina leighton says:

I love puffy paint

Sophia Willis says:

So cool

Cheska Pelino says:

Can you atually delivered that your doing okay please please please please

tim vanhoose says:

can you plz make mini collors with no hot glue gun for lps plz

glendale mcclurg says:

I. love your. video!!!!!!!

Yarleny Contin says:

I love love your video love it !

guava juice says:

this is wonderful

icekillah3 says:

Can I have ti

Amber Schlacter says:

you stink I hate your chanle

princess-rosey says:

Cool ,hey rainbow tinkle’s world can u make the miniature nuttela or sugar.What do you think about that idea?

subramanian sundaramoorthy says:

s it will be nice

TheClumsyPanda says:

puffy not puff…

Owl Ornament says:

From were you can get this idea ???

TaylorSwift VEVO says:


Martha Franklyn says:


nina leighton says:


delicious cookie cake says:


Red Rose says:

You should have more subscribers! Like if you agree.

Теодора Никова says:

i love your viedeo,s how can you make mini vision,s it,s just amazing

Rob Waddington says:


Gabriella Ortega says:

For the pets?

Guadalupe Reyes Rodrigues says:


Robin Hudson says:

At 2:06 she has a birthmark or blackhead on her hand LOL HAHA LMAO

Ola Cień says:

Wow no!

Portiavaleine Realuyo says:


Lynette Aschbacher says:

Awesome! I love your crafts cause the actually work! And they are just right to fit my dolls! I’m glad you don’t make Barbie sized things (so far I haven’t seen any anyway) or AG size either, cause everyone does that

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