DIY Mid Century Furniture Refinish

In this video I refinish the top of a Lane end table. Thanks for watching.

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Merary Martinez says:

That look good! Thanks! I hope mine works out this way.

MCPOTUS79 says:

Great video! Would it be possible for you to list your products you use? Or add links to amazon for the products you use? Love your videos and directions! Keep making them! Thank you

owlattack1971 says:

Do you sell the furniture you refinish?

Camden Fisher says:

Thanks a tremendous help on dent repair, but thanks for the mid-century refinish. I have a end table almost like yours, it has a strange reddish color to it, not like a normal traditional cherry. It has hardlines like a mid-Cent. so I’m thinking it’s like yours. I bough at cherry stain, but I’m going to take back, American walnut might be the right fit for my piece. Thanks for your help, I picked up many valuable tips.

Mark Dure-Smith says:

I’m about to refinish some 54 Drexel dressers. I’m questioning wether to use a stain, probably walnut, or just to oil and then shellac. I noticed you have used stain in the vids I’ve seen. Why do you use stain rather than oil? My thought is that if the finish is not blotchy, you get a deeper finish with oil. You thoughts?

Indukuri S S N Raju says:

k I’m

James Haulenbeek says:

what a waste i did a table just like that..all i did as use high grit sandpaper and sand the hell out off it.then used a great stain .came out great i used noooo stripper at all ..mine looks fantastic!!!

Moises Ortega says:

Excellent finish and a job well done.
Thank you for this excellent tutorial! I hope my job comes out looking just as good.

barry barnum says:

Good job! Is that veneer finish?
If not do you know of any info on how to strip/restain veneer?

F Adler says:

Hi – Great video – I have a question: Why do you have to strip the stain off first? Can’t you just sand it off? I have a heavy pine dining table that I’m going to refinish. Thanks!

sonishka1 says:

I am trying to restore a walnut veneer Lane coffee table that had been painted black. I have stripped it with Citristrip,, but there are still a lot of very dark areas after treating it twice. I will try following your procedure to hopefully restore its beautiful grain. What grit of sandpaper should I use so it doesn’t damage the veneer? Thanks for your video. It is a good demo.

Van Kham says:

came out great. few more steps then I like.

andre alba says:

Go to Facebook and add (mid century modern) the community is awesome and very helpful identifying any pieces without marking.

Sheree Morgan says:

I love your voice and work!

prettygrunt says:

Still looks shite mate.

King Kappa says:

The dent repair is something I haven’t seen before. Great. Cheers

Moises Ortega says:

which grit sandpaper was used to sand the top of the table?

Bruce Altieri says:

andre alba says:

Thank you! Great demonstration

William W Anderson 12 says:

Thanks I might start doing this kind of work.

daisy corta says:

legit af nigga

sonishka1 says:

I finished stripping, sanding and staining my Lane coffee table, and it looks beautiful! However, after spraying it with three coats of the Deft, the surface does not feel smooth anymore. What should I use to buff it out and get a smooth surface?

Steve Castillo says:

That is a nice table

Bronco Billy says:

Good video, thanks for sharing your techniques.

Rick James says:

What kind of mineral spirits is that? I’ve never seen it be white.

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