DIY Media Console | A Mid-century Modern Inspired DIY project

Full instructions and drawings here:
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nora sly says:

very nice…i love it…

Sam G says:

That workshop is more like a giant display case…

nikki says:

Awesome build dude. It’s gorgeous.

anton gosal says:

hey bro i want ask you, what kind of paint used ? wall paint or wood paint ? thanks

Dhiana Francois says:


Zeeangelofdeath says:

I’m glad you didn’t use white as the color, Most people confuse modern with white.

Cassidy Claire says:

if I could afford all of these tools, I’d have the most dope house. for now, I’ll just watch these videos and dream

Felipe Venancio Alves says:

Amazing video. Your designs are beautiful.

Jay Sirmans says:

Oh god why am I here Ohhhh here ohhhh here

Matt Smith says:

A really great looking piece of furniture, love it.

plasticanimalcrackers says:

Love this look… Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t own any power tools since he isn’t much of a DIY’er lol… And all I have that would pass as a power tool is a dremel, which probably won’t get me very far… So I guess if I wanted to do this project id have to go out and buy all of the tools

Making&Living says:

This looks great!

Nathanael Toolan says:

Hello, you make nice Videos, i just want to say if you put your headphones under your Shirt it is maybe a litle bit saver ( sry for my shity english) keep going:)

nielsgg1 says:

I can’t find the drawings on your site, it seems that they are gone? Could you please re-upload them?

Barbarico Loco says:

looks great on any option…

mummyjohn says:

2:49 thought he was going to say “I’m going to use my hot girl to hold the door”

Rayen Fuljhari says:

I Subbed!

Suzy Q says:

Where are the hair pin legs from?
Great video. I love the stone pulls!!

me__irl says:

Hi, when will the full instructions and drawings be available for this?

Brandon Stokes says:

Great work, good inspiration

Greg's Garage says:

I’m digging the straight forward approach to building the case. No crazy dados or fancy joinery… Just well placed pieces of plywood. Cool build.

sierra riddle says:

Please put this on your website!! I love it so much

unforgiven101inc says:

super nice…

Eric Ellenbrook says:

Instead of making the dado by gluing wood together would it have been just as strong to just use a router to create that? Plus the inside would’ve had more space, right?

hollywood1513 says:

This guy went to Home Depot and said, “I’ll take one of everything Ryobi makes.”

Nice work though.

KIN Wong says:

Great design! Would this be strong enough to sit on(without legs)?

elga chintya says:


Muck says:

I can’t find the drawings in your webside

Sara Botero says:

The matching tools are so satisfying ☺️ plus great video ✨

Tania Arriagada Reyes says:

hola, tienes algún tutorial para crear un ropero para dormitorio pequeño de departamento?
gracias, saludos desde Chile.

Mical Ramirez says:

Hi Ben!… Love your work! Where can I get the detail plans for this media console?  I don’t see them on your website …. Thanks buddy!

yungsovl says:

For someone that has never worked with any of the tools or materials that you use for these projects do you guys think its difficult to get into? Like rating from a 1-10? For the past 4 years ive only been working with photoshop/illustrator or any computer graphic stuff, but i love all these projects and would love to be able to do these, i am just very unfamiliar with literally everything.

Queen Lila says:

so creative!!

Tenfdy says:

the wood is a great addition to the screws 😉

Stuart Male says:

could this be achieved with mdf?

Catherine Dealagdon says:

Hope the video is not that fast but all DIYs are awesome! 🙂

Halim Ichsani says:

great channel ! Thanks

Tee Cee says:

This is friggin awesome. I love that you used hot glue to hold the door hinges on until you screwed it in, and I love the concrete and stone knobs, too. Thank you!

Tommaso Zagni says:

Impressive. But the painted wood doesn’t look so pratical…and I’m speaking about dust or scratches…

Effie 5 says:

Loved it!

Zoyei Greenwood says:

Your creations inspire me so incredibly much! Keep doing what you do!

Mac Dior says:

Great job Ben so clean and neat and the most important you make me feel its so easy to do :

J.C says:

are you sponsored by ryobi??

Go Getter-Girl says:

My favorite combination was the hairpin legs and the natural stone!!!  Awesome job!!!  Cheers!!!  GGG

balderoine says:

That blue color is boss mind sharing the paint color or where we can find it?

me__irl says:

I’m sure OP will deliver. Let me just wait a little longer… ;-;

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