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Hey guys so today i did a awesome video with my little sister valerie we decided to do a masquerade mask body paint diy it turned out exactly like we wanted it too i hope you all enjoy.
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Im22julien says:

You will reach 1million next year cuz you’re amazing

Isabella Cevallos says:

I was about to go to bed I had to make sure & watch first ❤️❤️

Reaper13 V-logs says:

oooo i need to do this.

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics says:

amaizing chanel

Carol Roby says:

Great idea. If you use low temp melt glue you could just put the design right onto the cutting board. I assume you used the silicone heat pad layer because you were afraid the hot glue would melt the cutting board?

Azariah Lopez says:

I tryed this and This totally works

Lauren Powell says:

who else is awake at 2:04 in the morning? XD

The Cruelty Free Vanity says:

love this diy! so cool. thanks doll.

Savannah Grace says:

It’s 3am and this made me wanna go clean all of my brushes.. Like right now.

AMY_c videoS says:


Lauren Powell says:

also great work Josie! 🙂

Jackie Najera says:

im so glad i found you. im soo gonna give the a try

Lauren O'K says:

can you tell where you got the supplies from?

AMY_c videoS says:


Z a i r a says:

Bless your soul! Thank you so much! ❤️

Princess Al 18 says:

I am early 104

TallaricoBeauty says:

This is so clever I never would’ve thought to do this. I’ll have to try it!!!

sofia sereno says:

it’s 2:03 A.m but I have to watch this lmaoo

Dawn Cramer says:

That’s awesome definitely going to try it

Melanie Meltsch says:

I Love your Videos ❤️

xX Tails Xx says:

This is so cool good job

sienna says:

Wow this was so clever! and it costs way less

Fulla Fulla says:


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