DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Hacks | ANN LE

NEW Videos every Saturday!!! Hey Lovelies! I’ve been playing around with different ways to clean my makeup brushes. I saw many variations of natural brush cleaners and decided to make my own version using some of the natural ingredients I love. After making this I saw instant results…. this brush soap is AHHH-Mazing!!! I can instantly see all the makeup (been collecting on my brushes for months) melt off. With these easy homemade DIY Hacks you too can have super clean brushes!

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ThatRishLife says:

This was such a great hack ive always been looking for more hacks on how to clean my makeup brushes i’ve always used olive oil with dish soap and cold water for cleaning my brushes it does a good job but however this one it looks better so Thanks Anne!

Carolina Kelly says:

If you’re cheap like me used to go baby shampoo

Kay_EntertainsYou says:

I’m getting the brushes u had at the beginning of the video

B. Considine says:

V Clever

Eva Cz says:

Thanks for this! Very useful!

love lucy xox says:

To dry my brushes I use a hair tie and my bathroom radiator (or just a sturdy bar like a towel rail) so I can dry all my makeup brushes at once loved the video too! xxx

Barbara Gomes says:

Such a great video!!!:)

Unknown Youknow says:

I use baby shampoo. It’s works just as well as any store bought cleaner.

pisso ben says:

good ideas <3 could you do a DIY hair mask ? thank you and keep going 😀 LOVE YOUR VIDEOOOOSS

Kelsey Strong says:


Jessica Berry says:

This surely would work for beauty blenders too, right?

mikiyah11 says:

The brush cleanser solution is amazing! Just a question, Dr Bronner’s actually makes tea tree castile soap. Can you use that? if so do you still need to add tea tree oil?

FadeAway1694 says:

Don’t forget about your sponges! I took Zabrena’s advice and work a little bit of oil into the sponge before washing it with soap. (I use almond oil and baby shampoo because that’s what I have, but you can use whatever you’ve got!) It works wonderfully.

yukikoiwao says:

I like your bright feeling!

F Elicia says:


Travel-Nomad says:

You’re gorgeous! 🙂

Elissa Binion says:

very helpful! Thank you:)

Chelsey Vercalsteren says:

where are your silver, gold en bronze brushes from?

GazmineGriffin says:

I buy new brushes because I’m to lazy to clean my old brushes

Hollie-Jo Davies says:

this actually works x

Samantha Ferrara says:

where did you get the wakeup brushes at the start of the video I really like them

cydangie says:

haha so creative!

Simone Santos says:
Cleaner silicone gloves brushes

PolkaDot Tat says:

Love it! Definitely going to try it! Hope you’re doing well! ♥♥

Theonette Ramsden says:

Loved this video.

megz Del Rosario says:

Random question, where did you get your top from?

Not so Perfect says:


Eileen Thomasina says:

Last week my brush set arrived, I purchase it from here
I seem like I finally have a fantastic brush choice from here and the quality impressed me! And. The important things I like the most is the price is terrific and you do not have to pay the shipping!!

SuperMsWolverine says:

Great hacks! I like the tip to add tea tree oil. To help dry my brushes after cleaning, I usually roll them up in a dry hand towel and leave to dry with the bristles facing down so the water doesn’t soften the glue that holds the bristles.

SinYee5960 says:

How frequent do we need to wash the brushes ?

Avis Knows says:

Just tried this tip, worked like a charm for me!!! The brushes feel so clean and the bristles are still soft and doesn’t feel dried out. The make up came off very easily and quickly. I used normal shampoo and rose water mixed with warm tap water. I didn’t have a board or a hot glue gun so I just used my palm instead. Thank you for sharing your tips Ann! Saved me so much time, hassle and money!

Zenaida Jenny says:

awesome going to try these thanks!

Kenzies random videos says:

I will do these now and I’m just saying I used to just swipe the brush across something until it doesn’t show XD

missdiamond169 says:

this is brilliant!!!


You are a genius

Jazzy Jose says:

I wish there was a hack video for cleaning my microfiber cloths I use them everyday to cleanse my face cause I do the oil cleansing method any suggestions?

Sheena Raines says:

Can you use baby shampoo or antibacterial soap instead of the soap you used?

Sarah Shelton says:

what a great diy! Love this

1024specialkay says:

this is amazing!, you are definitely the DIY queen!

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