The struggle is real when it comes to cleaning those makeup brushes once a week. If we’re being honest, it’s all too easy to skip a week or two. But don’t forget: dirty brushes harbor dirt and bacteria that can cause breakouts and irritation!

That said, there are silicone brush cleansing matts on the market that make getting the job done so much easier. While they’re convenient, they can cost upwards of $30 bucks or more. But you can actually DIY your very own cleaning board…with a clipboard!

This project will set you back only a few bucks (clipboard and hot glue, included!). The plastic clipboard is a great dupe because it’s waterproof, and the textured surface helps break up dirt and grime just as well as those fancy designer mats.

Would you make this at home? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Kira Prucha says:

this is really helpful

tupayne says:


Cătă Cătă says:


beth's beauty says:

i did it and it worked #yes

Catherine Michael says:

yes this is super cool

bruh its lexi says:

I saw this on Instagram who else did????

RavenJadeIsEpic RobloxAndMore says:

this is cool

Georgie_xo says:

Jessica pierce you must be mental then because this does work

Presantha Pillay says:

Definitely a YES!

Ellen Antti says:

Yes do that

Alexis Sperring says:

luvvv this!

Kaylyn Charles says:

I made one! cant wait to test it out!

Annie Stockton says:

OMG- BRILLIANT! I’m making this in the morning! you all rock!

Stephanie Clayton says:

that’s clever!

Janet Melendez says:


Hassaan Gul says:


Jessica Pierce says:

Yeah, you could have this gross huge thing in your house… or buy a silicone oven mitt / trivet from the dollar store. Or a brush egg on ebay for 75 cents.

queenatamira Te Moana says:


Ελενη Ρ says:


GamerGrl90 says:

notification SQUAD!

Beauty Tips says:


Gina Malatak says:

gonna make this in tech ed lol

Ελενη Ρ says:

i already to that and i love it

zaina rashid says:

i would totally make this

Rapunzel 1212 says:

making it right away

Kiersten Penry says:

Yeeeeessss, actually going to make this today cause mama needs to clean them brushes asap

Mariela Cisneros says:


Sara diamond vlogs says:

do you use hot water or cold water to clean them

Kaylen superfuper says:


penmi11 says:

YES!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOTALLY MAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ελενη Ρ says:


ilovemytoonephews says:


thivya shini says:


Laura Crystal Galaxy says:


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