DIY KITCHEN WIPES | How to keep a clean kitchen!


Chop block options:





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racquel carter says:

Hello…. I was watching your video with the Big Green Bags from the dollar tree the other day and im so glad that I was able to go and get 6 boxes of them so now I can use your great idea and organize my 2nd deep freezer 🙂 I like that idea work out so good for my family

charles neely says:

I came across your channel by accident and I subbed you because I love Mom that are hot MLF

Donna Hubler says:

You are so cool! I want to come live with you. Love your “upbeat” attitude! Those wipes you buy in the store are expensive and filled with chemicals that aren’t always so friendly. Using paper towels we are ensuring that the paper will properly decompose in the landfills. You’re AWESOME!!! Thank you thank you!!

Sabrina Abdella says:

does the vinegar smell???

Kali Teniente says:

I just started using these and I love them. making my second batch today

Sarah Brubaker says:

The chop block is such a great idea! I HATE getting out the cutting board. Seems fussy. Awesome.

Chad Lindsey says:

Always, always, always use bleach to clean your cutting board, or cooking surfaces that you can’t put in the extreme heat of the dishwasher. It’s the only thing that will kill the deadly bacteria that live there!

William Lima says:

Excelentes, mas, se puder colocar legenda vai ficar melhor ainda. Agradeço.

loveamandarae says:

Do the vinegar ones disinfect enough for cleaning counters… say especially when having prepped meat?

Vera Muller says:

Thank u sooooo much! Every day, since they’ve stopped selling these towels I was looking for a way to replace them!!! This was THE HINT!!!

Asmodianu says:

no work

TexasMommy2014 says:

Are we able to use peroxide instead of alcohol?

LadyBug ParkHD says:

4 kiddos in my house, this is going to save me a TONS of money!

Melanie Manning says:

You is smart, you is kind, you is important

Rebekah Kenyon says:

love this! I have been looking for how to clean my wood cutting board.

Yaritza Villalba says:

omg! why haven’t I heard about you?! these tips are super easy and helpful for us moms to use on our everyday schedule. safe and easy!

Cheryl Beitz says:

Love this product! You have to use a high quality paper towel. Cheap ones will fall apart. Thank you!

Louise Smith says:

I do use very few lysol wipes, but I buy them at the Dollar Store, where they are much cheaper. For kitchen I use Norwex Cloths. They are disinfecting because of the microfiber weave. Knock off brands are not as good. As to the wooden cutting block, please, please disinfect it! Then use your vinegar mixture if you want the clean smell.

Barb Aldinger says:

Please do not use vinegar on Natural Stone, such as granite. It will dull and etch the stone.

Tommy Tibble says:

is it safe to use any kind of wipes on power cords like phone charger?

gaspoweredkite says:

Hey, in response to one of the comments below, PLEASE DO NOT MIX VINEGAR & BLEACH. That will make a rather toxic chlorine gas, and is certainly not a good disinfectant. Use one or the other, but not both together. There is a fair bit of evidence that nothing kills pathogens in a home kitchen better than a small amount of bleach diluted with a large amount of water. (About 200:1 is good)

Sorry for the interruption. Carry on.

momof2 says:

I use a Dollar Tree spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol for 99% of my cleaning needs. 🙂

ThedreamingSage Lily says:

omfg this shit is GENIOUS!! all aside from the fact i don’t want to cut the paper towel roll :’c lol

Itsaphatkatworld this is 4 Da big Boyz says:

there no link to the labels

Lori Reynolds says:

How do you clean your glass top stove? I just got one and am not a huge fan so far because things like gravy have spilled over and it’s so hard to clean! Thank you!!

I Want to Live says:

you are so creative….♡

Binky Lozz says:

What about vinegar??

Momma Schmooze Reviews says:

great idea! thanks for the tips!

Lulewbelle says:


Candy Allen says:

This is also awesome to clean windows – no need to wipe off – no streaks or leftover mess.


thanks for the tips I will try it.

PeggyfromPorcupine says:

My friend introduced me to Norwex cleaning clothes which are reusable and contain a natural antibacterial ingredient. No, I do not sell this product. Just check it out. If you cannot purchase these cloths then the above demo is wonderful.

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