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Hey you! You have been requesting me to do a new painting video and here it is! I am so flattered that you guys think i’m such a great painter and wanted to share with you guys another how to paint video this week! Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint a reflection of the sunset with acrylics? Well, I attempt it here! Today’s video we are going to paint a beautiful sunset across the horizon. There’s something so calming about the Instagram photo I saw. There are quite a few pictures like this on Tumblr as well! It’s super colorful so I felt inspired to do a painting on it. Hope you guys like it!

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Reference photo (I saw it on Instagram but it’s easier to find on Pinterest so I pinned it for you guys here):

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YoyoTele says:

Wow! So good and professional.

Jeanna Peterson says:

Your art work is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with use.

RunningRabbit says:

I loved your painting! it’s so expressive and so warm! 🙂 did you copy it from somewhere? Oh I hope you reply to me. I’ve been making watercolor paintings timelapse videos from some time but I don’t get that many views 🙁 and I also feel someone might make fun of me! It feels reassuring to know that people as experienced and as great as you also feel insecure, like deep inside where all just learning how to live 🙂

Marie Song says:

Can u try recreating a famous painting?

lakshani menikpura says:

realy cute <3

Zoya Khan says:

Absolutely beautiful

Nicky Love says:

Great job! Awesome art

TheOriginaldenise says:

this was absolutely amazing to watch.

Cookie Timee says:

lol she be doin the asian squat

Rolle Kianguebeni says:

very beautiful !

Misssunshine Yang says:

really love your painting, i can’t wait to start paining!

Lol Pin says:

omg your top looks so pretty can you tell me where you get it from?

Gazzal Sekhon says:

why should you be scared that someone would say your a amature ( sorry if i spelt that wrong) there just jealous

Lovee Nikkolee says:

How do you take care of your paint brushes? After a while paint gets stuck on mine and they get stiff

lavi lavi says:

you really make me paint,and i discover a new side of me!!!Thx for that!!!

Pham Truc says:

Your works are amzing girl

Nour Osman says:

How are u an amateur at painting ur amazing do what u love and don’t think about what others will say or do

Laure Broekman says:

what camera do you use ? 🙂 you are awesome!

anna montaner says:

OMG i don’t no what to say YOU HAVE A GREAT, BIG TALENT i love you so much thank you for this video need to try

nouran crafts, drowing and clay says:

i am in love with your drowing

Sans The Skeleton says:

How do you do that? If I try to paint I always fail

Marie Frauenstein says:

You really inspired me to start painting again. Thank you so much!

Jasmin Barajas says:


mleeebb says:

this was amazing!!! so incredible. great job, anne!

Supriya Kumar says:

You are so pretty and creative you are amazing at everything

Lauralee Casey says:

you should reenact famous paintings I would love to see that

nessa brewer says:

I love your top where did you get it??

the planner says:

your amazing..this is so inspiring..if only I had creativity like you

Ana Maria says:

You should never be nervous to post a painting tutorial! You don’t seem amateur to me! I try to be as good as you!

Operation_Tardis 2016 says:

How did you paint the leaves on the tree? Did you use the side of the brush?

Noor Alam says:

you are such a  talented painter. I tried to paint it but it doesn’t look like urs at allgood job and keep up the good work

marija hoel says:

I love your paintings

jasmine P says:

You are very inspiring excellent job keep up the good work I love your five and the things you do first time watching! I will subscribe

Yesenia Nunez says:

hi5 l hi5 hjnnuy bbr h n.G.

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