DIY: How to Repaint your Furniture WITHOUT Sanding! | thataylaa




Plastic Drop cloth
Cheap paint brush set
or foam brushes
Zinsser cover stain primer
Valspar latex enamel (2-3 cans)
Rustoleum polyurethane sealant

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kelezie says:

Haha I love you! There is a paint can opener (I didn’t know until trying to paint my walls a few days of ago). Some of those sets at LOWES have them and some don’t!

Tatiana C says:

I love the f bombs 🙂 my favorite word. Fun video. I have a bunch of crap to paint and I am trying to find a way to avoid sanding.

Lizaida Rivera says:

new to DIY. you actually helped me with something I had doubts. TY! Fk the haters!

Jack Walker says:

show me your……………

Brigitte Bernate says:

I would’ve finished watching this video, you have very good tips. However, do expect that some ladies will be watching this video and the cursing is not only distracting but unnecessary. I’m so glad my daughter is not around to hear this before I clicked. Class is not a matter of age, and if it is, call me old fashioned. I’m not even 30 yet.

Obsessor Forever says:

swear on. fuck the haters

Heather Strano says:

fucken A. lol

Romelia Polly says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google ‘woodprix’ :)))

Romaine Athey says:

I made it, learned on woodprix website. great solutions I think.

Fins FurLife says:

does this work with stain as well?

Carrie Lindden says:

love it! Now they make a paint specifically for not sadsing or priming. Called Furniture paint, forgot who makes it.

Wannella Lawson says:

Great video. This is going to be second time  painting my desk. It is peeling on top of the desk and on one drawer. I sandpaper, put on prime and paint. What am I doing wrong? I lk the desk. I got it from government sale. I am tired of spending money. If I keep doing this I will have to buy a desk. Help

Trinity Foster says:

Just use Annie Sloan chalk paint it will last for ever and the finish is amazing find a stockiest near you and try it out:)

Keisha Haripersad says:

I agree it’s an informative video. Good job.
It’s just that your thumbnail looked so attractive with this beautiful, glowing, and innocent looking face, that the cussing came as a shock. I know we are living in a liberal nation, but still, many of us did not grow up with cussing being the norm in our homes.

Keep in mind that the internet is easily accessible to kids as well, who are so easily influenced. Trust me, people who cuss without thinking, aren’t happy when they hear (their) children, minors, nieces, or nephews cussing. Cussing is not classy. Nobody is saying your vid is bad, it’s just some constructive criticism to make your video more attractive to the public– which is a mixture of liberals as well as conservatives.. just try to reach that group too. I believe you would get more views and likes if you did.

Otherwise, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and have a nice day 🙂

brenda simon says:

Good idea to get the furniture from thrift stores especially when you are on a tight budget also I know what products to buy.  My budget is like a tight pair of jeans no space.

DonutCare says:

Have no problem with a passionate curse, but these days cursing is so normal. I still don’t do it in public forum, find it overused and not classy. Think about what the word actually means, lol.

BeRnaDeTTe Diestro Magno says:

thanks.. i will definitely try it n keep u posted

m McDonald says:

Your video was soooo informative. I’ve been doing this as a hobby for about 3 years and love it. But this video really helped me to re-do my projects the right way. Thank you so much!! Cheers

Don Roberts says:

dam u r gorgeous

Charlotte Araignee says:

I found this to be awesome and real! I liked the cussing, it brightened my day! : D

Christine Walker says:

LOL at opening a paint can…. its true there is always something to learn. great advice. I am also too lazy to sand!!!

yar siwa says:


Syida Starr says:

this is the best quick and direct-to-the-point video… thank you!!!!

orrgazmo1986 says:

Like because “I’m fckn too lazy”. Love it!

Mimi and Nana's Specials says:

F’ing lazy lol you are too cute and so expressed how I feel about sanding. I’m curious if you have ever used chalk paint?

jesse jones says:

I love these FUCKING videos. I would sand though.

Brittany Kozak says:

so helpful:) i will try this on my armoire i just got from the thrift store,thank you so much, i didn’t want to waste money on expensive products, i’ll pass on the valspar, i heard its great paint, but its just too pricey for me. I am just so lazy, needed to make sure i don’t have to sand this huge piece of furniture hahah

nayelly cazares says:

awesome! thank you!

Maria Rodriguez says:

fucking pottery barn jajaja

Charis Williams says:

I enjoy your videos, keep up the cool work! I make similar vids too 🙂

k buggers says:

thanks super helpful!

Melody Saunders says:

Hey like chic with like all the make-up on, can you like do a how to video with like not saying a cuss word every five seconds, ya know.

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