DIY: How to Make Awesome Homemade Creative Puffy Paint! Great for Creative Kids!

This video is about DIY: Puffy Paint, perfect for painting shopkins!

-Shaving Cream (not gel)
-White glue
-Food Coloring
-large mixing container as cream expands

Rainbow Bite is a common Party Food Shopkin from Season One. #084.

Optimistic and adventerous! – she always looks on the positive side of life!

Ultimate Collector’s Guide Info
Style Secret:

Any color looks good on her.

Best Friend:

Soda Pops

Personal Hero:

Roy G. Biv




“You need a little rain to get a rainbow!”

Rainbow Bite is a purple, orange, and yellow slice of bundt cake stacked together in layers with pink icing.

Her variant is a pink, brown, and yellow layered bundt cake with white icing.

In artwork she is depicted as a pink, orange, lime green, and blue bundt cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles. She also holds two Pirouette wafers or pretzels.

Rainbow Bite’s name is an allusion to the 1980’s television show character Rainbow Brite.
Rainbow Bite is often confused to be a rainbow taco.


Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Beachfront Celebration – Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Chipper Doodle – Electronic Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Dubakupado by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


Sarah Edwin says:

how do i make food coloring

Luis Ortiz says:

I love ur videos

Charley Tullos says:

now just add contact lens solution and then you have slime!

Besties forever Vlogs says:

That was way too much colourIng

Tyree Anderson says:

does it dry? if so does it dry puffy

Peyten Williams says:

i tryed the paint and it worked

sweety-sweety pandagirl says:

can it make squishy

Daniel García says:

that’s awesome thanks!

kinga cupcake lover says:

i done this at its great Nice vid

Liliana Auchey says:

it works thanks


My brother said “the drawing was so young

Tiny Kay says:

That rainbow taco looks fucked up.

Whatsupgirls says:

Do we need glue??

aaliyah marinez says:

this does not work it never dryes

Todd Krueger says:

btw happy toy time I was just saying that for if you dont have this stuff great diy btw yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

CakeDa Sk8Cat says:

Does the puffy paint dry

Nolasco 2005 says:

do we really need shaving cream?

Cutecookiedragon says:

Can we use paint instead of food coloring bc I don’t have it 🙁

Mervlyn Prakash says:

if only she added borax and water to it ………

Chitra Adkar says:

So slow!

emily g says:

what texture does the paint dry? If i used it on fabric would it be a rubbery texture?

Peyten Williams says:

i love the shopkins and paint

Jia Xin Liu says:

can u use non pva glue?

Rainbow Flower says:

should it be white glue?because i only have clear glue

Dominus TM says:

Dose this work for making squishys?

fantage ellie says:

wait…. does it drie up if it does where do we put it so it does not drie up please awnser to the question

Saad Rahman says:




Sarah's Vlogs4Life says:

Can we use Foamy handsoap?

Peyten Williams says:

yes it is rainbow kate

Hello kawaiii says:


Daniella Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior says:

Thank u for this video I just ran out of puffy paint I am going to make some cheaper then buying some!

fantage ellie says:

lovvveeed iiiiiittttttttt

Working As_intended says:

Can I just use paint instead of food coloring

Tasnim Tarannum Kashfi says:

she drew a rainbow taco 😉

Tyra Vinson says:

can I use take glue???


that’s a shopkin a cake

fnafangelatlove avb says:

I do not know what’s happening

SO sweet says:

can we use this for wall…?

Autumnpinkcat :3 says:

Awesome! Thanks this helped me a lot :3

Todd Krueger says:

you can just mix paint and glue it works the same or even better!

Kristen Bossio says:

What if I don’t have glue?

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