DIY HouseHold Cleaning Hacks

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Valeria Goguv says:

what is the video editer she uses?

Илияна Павлова says:

Great video! I’m using lemon and water for cleaning microwave. Just like you i’m puting water into a bowl, then adding slices of lemon and turn on the microwave for about 4 minutes. Then just scrubing the microwave with sponge. It’s all fresh and clean. If there is something dirty left i dip the sponge into the lemon water and clean that again. You also can use the slices of the lemon, but be careful- they would be hot! Thank you for the freat ideas! It was really usefull for me!

isma T says:

whats veniger ?

A'ishah Mehmood says:

lol in so keeping all the odd sicks now 🙂 love your videos Rachel

Rayane Torres says:

you could actually use a mug instead of a big bowl for the microwave

Stacey Demirgian says:

try a beer bottle… stick the sprayer ontop… thats what i do and works great

Nerdfighter21 says:

“I’m not a fan of products that contain chemicals.”
“You can clean your house with things that don’t contain chemicals!”
Everything is chemicals. Everything.

galaxy cat95 says:

lemon is more expensive here than sponge lol

A'ishah Mehmood says:


Noorsilmi says:

Rachel ur awesome and cool

Anne A.S.19 says:

i love this video! you’ve got a new sub!

SUPER Gameplay says:

the lemonvone is amaze

Olivia Florence says:

The lego idea is AWESOME!!

Chubby Dokitty says:

I showed you to my mom and loved u so much and I thinks there cool too

Princess Art says:

You should
Make a back to school video

Florence Lin says:

They saved my life. Thank you for sharing.

aria life says:

What language is your tattoo??

Ellie Rice says:

Ellie Rice

Mackenzie Landry says:


Susan Walker says:

Hi Rachel, new to your channel. Love this cleaning hack. I help out St a nursery, and they have lots of logos. we put them in the dish washer.xx

Awesomeness Redefine says:

help her reach 1 million

lenalici0us89 says:

Seems like adding some bleach to the washer with the Legos would be very beneficial

Sara Abrar says:

You earned a new sub
And you earned a new nick name Rachet!

MoonGamer 22 says:

your my first favorite youtube mommy

Fa Bo says:

love it

jcoles._ says:

The Legos one will come in handy! thank you so much. I ‘m not a mom but I’man aunt, I will use this for sure .

Iris Enriquez says:

I love that you’re also using Doterra oils

Susana Garcia says:

where can I find these blue glass spray bottles??

Talia Lubie says:

How can you get scratches off a sink

casey tyler says:

The microwave hack you want smaller amounts of vinegar water in the bowl so it will almost be completed evaporated into steam trying to boil a gallon of water is not gonna clean your microwave

Let's Be Real Ministries says:


tristan reid says:

do room diys !!!!!!!! please

Raghad Abed says:

does she has a hebrow word tattoo?

Ana Alves says:

Where did you get the hanging lanterns love them?

Dimsrose says:

Maybe you should try the dish washer machine instead of your clothes washing machine. I feel like that would ruin your washing machine as apposed to a dish washer which is meant to clean hard solids, plastic included.

StarkForever says:

White people crack me up when they try to “clean”. Cleaning with a lemon? Girl, your sink isn’t that dirty. White people live in a Barbie world…I feel like they never even use their dishes, their homes feel like they don’t even live there! Haha. I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

Caterina Rossi says:

swifter and socks, amazing

Ami Lisa says:

my cleaning tips for keurigs and microwaves are “get rid of them” 🙂

Saya Laki says:

4:54 hanging lego

Remti Omar says:

heyyy. how to get rid of felt tip s on the cupboard please. xx

Addys Dominguez says:

Boiii who has a sink that big?

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