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As debuted in our style set (check it out here: these hanging shelves are the new stars of the studio in the back of the Mr. Kate Office … and why wouldn’t they be?! They’re industrial yet light and floaty, and are so customizable and functional, you could use them in almost any space!

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Kate Malone says:

Such a cool idea… that’s it, I’m doing this for my office, but instead of rope, I’ll use some old colorful scarves I’m not wearing anymore! An alternative to fixing this on the wall is fixing it to another piece of furniture! I have this tall plastic tablet organizer that’s meant for garages and is basically just plastic tubes and stackable shelves. I’m using it in my office for storage, and I have hung some over-the-door coat hangers on each side to hang stuff from. This would look a million times better though!

sprinklez057 says:

How would you use a beam or ceiling for this?!

Multicolor Anthill says:

I really LIKE this tutorial. Thank you for upload it! =) Also like your channel very much. I also created diy Hanging Shelf tutorial that has a little bit different concept. You can check it out on my channel if you are interested! Best 😉

Nalani Patterson says:

Can you please please please do a video on how to decorate shelves? Your shelves are always decorated so perfectly!!!

LimoLOVEers says:

I really wanna do this but in a smaller version with only 2 or 3 shelves in my kitchen over my table! That would be awesome

Dayana Alvarado says:

Omg I’m so going to do this!! I’m in love! You’re so talented!!

Sharan says:


I Heart DIY says:

Because of this video, I’m starting a channel for diys! The rope shelves are sooo cute and I definitely plan on making these!

Alexia Rose says:


Cico says:

The only problem with this is that if files or other light, upright things were placed on the shelves, they wouldn’t weigh the shelves down so it wouldn’t be sturdy. As a clumsy person myself, I’m sure i’ll eventually bump into it and I wouldn’t want all of my things falling.

di lynn says:

I love these shelves! I am just a little confused about how to hook it to the ceiling. I saw that you put the hook screw in a wood beam but what if you don’t have a wood beam on the ceiling. What is another way to hang it to the ceiling?

purva gupta says:

ready with all the material let’s do this

Sarah Davis says:

would this be able to be used as a bookshelf? Love your videos!

Hannah Askins says:

love this!

Amy Dousay says:

What if you don’t have wood beams to hang from? Could you stabilize this on wall studs like a normal shelf?

Thee Robb says:

Love it!!! How were the hooks inserted in the ceiling ?

Paul Vienneau says:

hey where did you get that rose gold stool ? love it

Elizabeth Nova says:

i seriously look up to you so much

Daphne H. says:

How much weight can this shelf carry? Can I put books on them?

Thalia Leon says:

You should do a diy hanging chair! I have an apartment but can’t hang my chair from the ceiling because we rent. I want to find a way to hang my chair without damaging the ceiling/wall

Janhavee Hada says:


Zoe Qness says:


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