DIY Gun Powder Painting – Man Vs Pin #98

Warning: Explosive Content
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ZoeViolet 31 says:

I would hang the gunpowder painting in my bathroom probably in the toilet.

Heyden _101 says:

Over the bath tub

XxairotcivxX Aka- jellybean says:

On the toilet seat

CreepyRainbowLover 47 says:

God damn Mother Nature breezy day bull shit…

Clayton McCormick says:

I would hang it in my closet

Amanda Wall says:

Do the Dip dye tassel chandlier

summer powell says:

I would hang it on the window so everyone could see that awesome *%@#

Enderya Dragon says:

the basement on the unused tolit

Chunkyib lol says:

I will hang it in my moms car so i can scare kids.

Diamond Wolf bone says:

I would hang it in my basement with all the rest of my amazing fucked up shitty stuff…

The end

Myriam Nolin says:

In my room

BlackBerry Q10 says:

I’d hang it in my moms room, she’s crippled and has a serious fear of burning alive

Sam Walker says:

I would hang it on my bedroom on my ceiling so I could see it while I fall asleep and think of you rob

LauraAmyLee says:

I would hang it on the toilet seat so if I went to take a dump I could see it

PrettyKitty 204 says:

I’d hang it in my fridge because that would be the only cool thing in there

Booper Dooper says:

I actually don’t know if Rob stole those signs or not. Can someone tell me?

Alexis Rafael says:

my bath room

kitty03 says:

Rob: ” assuming it wont catch fire because its wood”
Me: ” Not like you put wood in your chimney, to make a fire”
Rob: ” oh Shit”

Saylor Pascoe says:

i would hang it around my neck as a chain because i live that life

Nonie Selfridge says:

my bathroom

Mya Papia says:

I would put it in my seller… ONE its because my idiot cousin likes it down there and he likes art sooo -3-

Half Bad Studios says:

Hi! Welcome back to the Joy of Burning. I’m Rob Czar….

Jordon Oliva says:

i would hang it on my front door

The Iron Pidgeon says:

“I’m assuming this isn’t gonna light on fire cause it’s wood” rob 2016. :’ )

M&K Makeup says:

Do this pin pls

Jennifer Nordyke Hart says:

rob you will die some day

Aariah Joseph says:

I would hang it in my hallway

a normal pankake says:

in my bathroom

Brooky Proctor says:

over my toilet

Sunshine Answers questions says:


adam mac says:

“Went from the gun store to the arts and crafts store” said NO ONE.. EVER.

amzing katie says:

above my bed a staring down at me in my sleep

Maggie Bautista says:

i would hang it on my front door

Dreaming Beauty 329 says:

The weirdest place I would put it is the bathroom

Chessey Monkey says:

in front of my parents toiletries

Emma Pahman says:

I put it in my bathroom shower

Jen Tyson says:

I would hang it in my bathroom bc its skull themed

Amanda Wall says:

I would put it in my room

Mela Puppy friend says:

I would put it in my work shed

Emily Hernandez says:

I would hang in my room next to my sign that says be careful or be road kill

Jamie Redmond says:


Lazy Houd says:

In the showet

060507ish says:

I would put it above my moms bed so everytime she fucks, she will look at it and ssy WTF!!!

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