DIY Green Cleaning

Hey!! Welcome back to my channel. I always love experimenting with different cleaning options… I recently got this great book with a million different ideas, and I will definitely share more of the ideas I’m learning in the future.

Easy Green Cleaning Book –

Here’s a few of the ideas from the book that I tried-

Furniture Refresher/Fabric Spray-
3/4 Distilled Water
1/4 Vodka
Few Drops Vanilla EO
Few Drops Rose EO

Carpet Refresher –
2 Tbsp Baking Soda
3-4 drops Essential Oil

Natural Laundry Alternatives –
Natural Soap Nuts

All Purpose Cleanser –
3/4 Distilled Water
1/4 Vodka
EO Lavender
EO Vanilla

DIY Natural Surface Scrub-
Baking Soda
Castile Soap
Hydrogen Peroxide
Few Drops of EO

Glass Bottles









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Vanessa Dykstra says:

Love love love these kinds of videos!

Anna French says:

Hi Rachel! What was the box you mentioned getting the bottles and scrubbers from? Thank you!

Yules says:

Where do you get distilled water? Make it? Buy it? Thanks:)

Patricia Ortega says:

Another book I recommend is by Clean Mama.

Emylia Duval-Rehel says:

Very cool video !

The Coyle Life says:

why no plastic with essential oils?

Julie Matev says:

Absolutly love your videos!!

Leanne James says:

Rachel are essential oils pet friendly?

MimiChan says:

Hey Rachel, where do you get your essential oils??

Gracicle says:

You might already know this (but I didn’t so I’m glad someone told me!) but some essential oils (a quick google will tell you which ones) are dangerous to dogs. Just so you keep your lovely Ozzie a happy healthy pup!

Sindhu Nookala says:

Hi.. I am from India. I love your channel. In fact, your channel is the first ever i have subscribed on You Tube. There are tons and tons of you tubers, beauty bloggers, and other bloggers in You Tube, but your tips, diy’s, way of living is very inspiring and worth implementing. Rachel, you have done many many skin care routines, but I want you to upload a video on skin hydrating tips and home treatments, particularly focussed on making skin look well hydrated and fresh.. Because summer has started now here and I have a very dry skin, which is getting much more dehydrated no matter how much mosturized and hydrated I am trying to keep my skin. Thank you.. 🙂

DaniFreeBird95 says:

I am so excited about this

Abby Hernandez says:

Why is it better to use glass containers than plastic containers when it comes to using essential oils?

Giselle Ruby says:

Please make a video on what foods that you like from Trader Joe’s.

Victoria Rose says:

Hey Rachel I loveee your videos! If you really want to get into green cleaning I would suggest ditching microfiber cloths (or anything really) since they are basically made of plastic and unfortunately when you wash them bits break off and pollute our waters! I know you like to be eco friendly and so do I so I’d suggest looking into it! Thank you for all the lovely videos!

Norma Quintero says:

Why not just use rubbing alcohol? Just curious.

Maria Siby says:

Hi amazing lady… Am a huge fan of urs… We are on a trip to a water theme park… Can u advice me the skin care hair care essentials to carry and outfit advices please

Rose Gold says:

I have a baby who crawls around the house so I’m keeping my floors clean and I always politely ask people to take their shoes off and offer them some slippers..wearing shoes inside my house is not an option lol

Ram manna says:

Hi Rachel ! How did u recover your postpartum lost hair ?? I have also been suffering since long . can u help me .?

Lauren Fry says:

Hydrogen peroxide won’t really kill bacteria on toothbrushes, vinegar would work just as well as most of the bacteria can’t live in such an acidic environment. Just make sure to rinse well, and change your toothbrush every 3 months regardless.

Noa REntsler says:

I love your videos but the sound is always on a very low volume I’m having a hard time hearing them… 🙁

Maddie Martin says:

What and how much is the box you were talking about for each month

Geraldine Maldonado says:

Love your cleaning videos, they inspire me so much to clean my house. I’m still adjusting to living in a big house instead of an apartment. My boyfriend and I bought a house last April. So much cleaning to do let me tell you. Keep the videos coming Rachel, you’re awesome

Jassi Hafer says:

Please use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones!

Laura H says:

This must be a USA thing wearing shoes inside. I grew up in Canada and no one here does that. It’s actually considered rude to walk in the house with shoes on……

AL M says:

i thougt hydrogen peroxide is dangerous, especially in contact with skin? Can someone pls tell me how it is fine to put your toothbrushes in it…!? I would really like to know better! <3

Jennifer C says:

Oh, and once I found eco friendly laundry magnets, I ditched the messy soap nuts in a heartbeat. Way better! Give them a try!

Megan Plato says:

Do you remember where you got your mat that is at your front door for shoes!!??!?

Jennifer C says:

Oh I see your bathtub is different now! Good to have one million subs! Congratulations on your success!

Natalie Baker says:

Not trying to be rude or anything but how does she make so much money? I can just tell that her and her husband are well off from the looks of their house and was just curious

Evelin Robles says:

Love you so much I am a new subscriber I have been watching your videos the whole weekend and I am so obsessed love you so much you are such an amazing mom ♥️

Kristina Popović says:

Bangs look great on you!!!

Kilia Ancy says:

Hello rachel how are you ? You are such an inspiration for me. Can you please tell me if you are still taking vital marine collagen and whether it is effective to your skin.. Please do answer. Reaaly in need of it.. Loads of love..

eliebellie says:

Here is another great use for the vodka all-purpose cleaner: after spraying a couple of pumps on your counters, you can then spray a little in your mouth too. Ahhh the perfect cleaner!

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