DIY Geometric Wall Paint

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DESIGN CREDIT: asmr sounds by Sophie

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-Nikon D600
-Nikon 24-85mm Lens
-Diva Ring Light
-Softbox Light Kit
-Sennheiser MKE 600 mic
-Zoom h4n audio recorder
-Macbook Pro 2014
-Adobe Premiere Pro

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Nicola S says:

This is incredible. Have said to my fella I would love to do something cool like this with LX tape and he said I can : )

Broward County says:

so i thought i could paint till i watched this

rita astleford says:


Alvina Mason says:


thecrazychef1 says:

I’d love to see that design done starting with a black wall and filling the spaces in with bright red and shading where you have put the black with silver. I’d do it myself but there’s no way I’d have the skill.

bharatip18 says:

hey..that’s such a amazing job..I’m gonna try it for sure…do u recommend any other colors ??

Osas Agues says:

U are very creative i love this

speedstackinggirl NL says:

This is soo cool! would love to try this once

Suresh legend says:

super very good nice

Alice Young says:

OH MY GOSHthis is amazing I love your channel and hope to see more you are a great inspiration to me

Willibrordus Surya says:

thanks, i did it last week, and looks fantastic

saud ul hassan says:


Magda Cintrón says:

Te envío los que hicimos mis sobrinos y yo,inspirados en los tuyos, gracias y FELIZ NAVIDAD .

Cipher Kitty says:

This is AWESOME!!!! I’m gonna see if I can do something like this!!!!!

James McDermott says:

very impressive.

Javed Khan says:

what you think about it madam plz inform me if any mistake

Ngozi Onyenankeya says:

what colour of paint did you use on the wall before the frog tape

Vanessa Ewuradwoa Kyeiwaa Danso says:

absolutely love it!! I am sooooo trying this out next week lol 🙂

Carlos Colón says:

This is actually the result of a geometric fractal pattern. It’s easy to replicate in the way that you did them but this pattern is actually created with a bunch of rectangles. Fractals themselves are super pretty because they appeal to our basic sense of beauty, symmetry. I enjoyed this a bunch. Thanks.

Anthony Jackson says:

I saw this and subbed immediately

Oromia Channel says:

beautiful I will try it….


hi elsa may i know what color on your wall is it gold or what? =)

Løvély TATTOOITS says:

hi i want to fr my tattoo studio
plz tel me how to do
wt & all need say yar????????

Cristina Gonzalez says:

So this on facebook that’s pretty cool i want to do on my wall but i cant on my department::

Alice Young says:


LambentLark says:

Cool idea! I started to do this pattern in stained glass. I had it a little over half cut and fitted. Then my life blew up and I have been consistently hitting the crappy cards in The Game of Life for the last few years so and it got worse 18 mo. ago. To all lives some fecal must sprinkle. Only thing to do is grow from it . . . anyway. I stored it under my bench and when life eases up off me a bit, I’ll post a pic and if I don’t give up, be working on it again soon.

Carola Gutierrez says:

I will try it this weekend!!

Dianna Fretwell says:


Osas Agues says:

I try this in my room it took me 12 hours on one side of the room very beautiful

Laura Filby says:

Holy shit, that’s incredible. You have a great way of explaining things that I first thought were impossible. Thanks for breaking it down with a great explanation. You ROCK girl, I’m subscribing. Sending you some big love and respect from

averylicel icel says:

I’m trying too draw but I can’t get it

anusha anusha says:

its a nice creation

Barry Parks says:

brilliant!! well done

G A says:

love you sis

bootybear100 says:

Hi Elsa, love this design! quick question: did you use house paint or acrylics for the blended colours?

fredi Durres says:


Blue Fairy says:

i love your art i just have one question can i use another colour or not

Faith Puleston says:

The Zentanglers call this pattern PARADOX.

jessica s says:

Wow I absolutely love you. That was simply amazing and I live for simply amazing.

Mukhtar Ahmad says:

wawo verrrrrrrrrrrrry nice and eisy

Rebecca Tibbits says:

this is so beautiful!!! if u would have taken the tape off while it was still wet u would have gotten crisper lines. gorgeous work tho!!

Bee Fuddled says:

Just discovered your channel, I actually was looking at the body painting stuff, but I love the doodling/wall painting videos as well, so thank you!

I actually recognize the pattern you’re using, I * think* it might have originated from a Zen tangle ( It looks very similar, at least.

If you haven’t already seen the Zen tangle methods/patterns, you should check it out, I think you’d enjoy it, very similar to Mandalas and henna in the meditative/repetitive aspect.

yaquisonora says:

excuse my language but your a BADASSS!

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