DIY Galaxy Painting on Binder

thought you guys might like to watch me decorate my binder for school with a galaxy design. I used acrylic paint and some ink sprays that didn’t work out so well lol

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MMS says:

Tour of your collection and your art section where you work

jadamarine says:

“I don’t know what I’m doing” she said…… Lol awesome binder!


nice girl move on

Anuhya Kasam says:

This is so awesome! Quick Question: Can we still do this without the Mod Podge?

RuKoiN iKoRu says:

super love it!!!

Rosilyn Lincoln says:

hi my name is zurianna i am a art and galaxy lover so you did so good and keep on working on stuff like that.

Nesmaniac says:

Awesome Job!!! I love it & will be using your technique for a project I’m currently working on. Thanks so much for sharing.

Wren Anne says:

Is that.. The music… From wizards 101…?

Del Shahid says:

writing could’ve been a bit nicer

Dizney Kittrell says:

Awesome I love it

fatma329 323 says:


BubblyGalaxy AJ says:

No offence, but you ruined a beautiful design tbh.

Mokashfa Saeed says:

i do not like it

madison domke says:

If I send you a binder will you do this for me!!! Like Im being for real.!

Kate A. says:

You are such an artist i tried it and i love how my binder turned out

Kristen Nichole says:

This looks so cute!!!

Jadeke De Rocker says:

this ook my name

Dani ._. says:

Good Job! I might try to do something like this with my binder :l

DervDerpy says:

was I the only one who felt satisfied as she smoothed the paper? I would’ve been so bothered if she didn’t…

Hello Goodbye says:

Im going to try this out soon 🙂
Can’t you put some better music over it? And be a little bit more upbeat with your voice?
I do love this turial though! I always though my plain coloured binders were a bit boring.xx

Matthew Maeder says:

Put a clear film on it so it doesn’t get wrecked☺️☺️

Natali Lopez says:

cool, I don’t know why but the music sound like from the Simpson

Case•it TV says:

This is really cool! I want to share this with our followers!

Don't threaten me With a good time says:

That giant black corner really bugged me XD she never put anything over it

mariLu Manroe says:

hi! i have a question! can i use my sketch book paper for this?.?
it’s really amazing+helpful btw ,thank you * u *

kamiya ransom says:

Love video did you get binder from Walmart bc I got mind their but I blue / they have pink,blue,purple,green lol !!

Hok Man Herman Chu says:

This is so cool!

Nona Mint666 says:

That’s really pretty

Denise kinata says:

Can I use water color paint to make the galaxy?

l lawliet says:

Kind of a weird question, but do you happen to know / remember what song was used? (Band kid lol) I really liked it.

Kimmy Aujila says:

Best painter I know. This was the first video I watched from u then I immediately subscribed

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