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Hello hello! Do you have an old piece of furniture that needs updating, or you see items at flea markets that you want to up cycle, OR you just want to save money but still have cute furniture? In this video, I show you how to use chalk paint to turn something boring into chic! THUMBS UP for more DIYs!

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BTW, uploading a day early, so there will be no Monday video. This is it!

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Chalk paint is really nice because of how thick the consistency is and it’s durability. You don’t have to sand or prime. Just 2 layers of chalk paint and top it off with a top coat and you’re done!

There are tons of different chalk paints on the market. The ones I’m using in this video are found at a vintage shop I visited recently in Fairfield, CA “Pieces of Time Too.” Some other popular, reputable brands are CeCe Caldwell and Annie Sloan. These are slightly more expensive than the paint I’m using here.

Vintage shop I found the chalk paint at:

Products Used:
Purdy Nylon Paint Brush:
Shabby Paints ‘Alamo White’:
Shabby Paints Sheer VAX:
Shabby Paints VAX Sponge:

For the VAX, I’m not sure if other brands carry something like this. Usually people use a wax as a top coat. I heard that wax needs to be reapplied twice a year, but VAX does not need to be. As far as which one is really better, I’m not sure because this is my first time experimenting! 🙂

FYI: I’m not affiliated with this store in any way. I just happened to find them on Yelp when I was hunting for vintage furniture. They have no idea I even made a video using their products.

My dresser was found at a vintage shop called ‘Mignonne Decor’ in Berkeley, CA.

Background music: “Adieu,” by Hannah Emerson
Written proof of permission/rights available upon request.

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muslimah432 says:

im having a baby soon and i’m glad i found your video because for my safety, my toddler’s and my unborn baby i would love to use the chalk paint!!!! i don’t want a matte finish. i want a lil glossy/satin finish. every how often do you have to do the wax?

Vengre Pasilan says:

Can you do a DLY on college style to make you feel like your at your own home. Pls

Niang Kim says:

Weylie if u don’t mind can u do something? When u use song can u write at the conner of the video? Bec the song u use are

Nkauj Hli says:

Weylie even though I’m 9 and turning ten in Feb u are like my makeup model I learn every think from u but I only use the lip products and mascara and blush can u make a video about clothing for school???

GR△△VENICS says:

Get a lapel mic!! My ears!

XpinklilyX says:

Hi weylie or anyone can answer this q’s… chalk paint is it with chalk in it? Or is the paint that make it like chalk broad? & I would like to buy 《tiffany blue》 color.. its for my black tv stand. Thanks weylie or whom ever can answer this q’s will be so appreciated 🙂

Kowsar Hello says:

Lol your my inspiration;)

greatgutentag says:

What is happening in that backround? It’s driving be nuts

Alenthea Jaggernath says:
Puteri Modiyanti says:

loove how it turned out!! <3 

Hollynn Page says:

Where did you find the dresser? I’ve been looking for one similar to this shape and size with an affordable price, but not having any luck!

Maggie Joseph says:

Love your diy please do one with washi tape

swe zin says:

I’ve been watching of your video for so long and didnt get chance to give you subscribed or thump up videos but i did today #weylie

Iris Medina says:


Robin Saint-Louis says:

xpinklily I think she means chalky finish paint I don’t think it has chalk in it it’s just a paint that you can paint wood with so you don’t have to sand things before you want to pain it

Tiffany says:

i never heard of “chalk paint” until now, thanks. i really like vintage things as well .

Caleigh says:

This is so cool… thank you 🙂

Beatrice Lombedo says:

Omg beautiful

Joanne Saunders says:

Yuppp totally doing this DIY !! Thanks 

TJ Yu says:

Weylie I love this video!! I just got some wood furniture from school for my new apartment for free and wanted to paint them!! Thank a lot!!!

Emily Dao says:

ahhh I’m totally going to do this to my room furniture!! 😀

MaryGrace Sickles says:

Loved this video! It inspired me to update the furniture in my bedroom (: 

Kayla Nigh says:


Anezakii says:

more DIYs! i love this 🙂

재범은미소 says:

i like her !!! she’s funny and talented 

HeyLupe says:

What color white did you use?

ashleynikole says:

My grandma sells vintage things and she has her own buisness so if u want more info call her at 9512053181. We are in the riverside area of California.

Niang Kim says:

Pretty nice and want to now it thank you. Ur BiG Fan Kim!!! ^^

Jiggly Puff says:

Really nice, I watched laurdiy and I love it

Eileene Lim says:

Weylie can you please do a room tour! :)thank you

Catalina Toral says:

Will chalk paint work well over a piece of furniture that has been stained? Love this DIY!!

ReginaaaLoveee says:

Do you have to use the wax over chalk paint?

liza lulu says:

Why did you use chalkboard paint if you aren’t going to use the dresser like a chalkboard…? Doesn’t make sense

See100things says:

Tell me where you got your shirt please! ! Looked like it could be DIY

yer xiong says:

Can u do a draw my life??

devin chapdelaine says:

what song is the introduction song called?

Miguel Cazares says:

Mm mjmj

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