DIY Furniture: How To Make LPS Chest Of Drawers

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-Music (In Order):
+Fickle Friend – Paris (Chimes Remix)
+Tyler Touche – Act of God (Robotaki Remix)
+Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful (Sound Remedy Remix)

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LPS Lover says:

At the other part of the closer you can mAke a desk that is what i am going to do

Mercury says:

nice introoooooo

jordonia sharrard says:

I know a simple way you could easily make an actual drawer. Before gluing on the drawers, cut out a piece of cardboard just a tiny bit smaller. then glue a bottom, back, and sides to the drawers, then stick into the whole drawer above the shelf. that way ur lps, can actually pull the drawers out and take stuff in and out, I think I might make one like that now.

Kayla Normandin says:

This is so helpful for me

My World says:

You copied lps possom

CupCak3M1cLoving Fricovsky says:

omg i ♡ ur selection of music

Cookie Cray- Doh says:

can we use notebook paper

Unicornsrawesome says:

i am going to use it in my new video called black nightmares i loved you video plz subscribe to me plz

SOPHIA ツ says:

How old are you?

poofy poofy says:

Play ground……student school desk

Red Paws says:

X( wen i did this i burnt myself

ZuckDa Duck says:

It’s so freeness hard to make

Tv Bee Lps says:


Michelle Geesin says:

How to make a tv?…. How to make a house?

Marilips Lps says:

I love DIY Furniture

Jessica S says:

What is the song called in the beginning ?

AllyLps LPS and DIY's says:

can u please make stuff WITHOUT HOT GLUE

poofy poofy says:


Meowitsles Gaming says:

I love it but I keep getting this picture in my head that if you could pull the drawers out it would be awesome

chuan xu says:

i don`t have scrapbook paper

Katie The Weird says:

If I do cabnits I make them open and close

LPS Annalise says:

omg thx i love this DIY!!

Remington Mcneese says:

You can go to woodprix if you’d like to make it yourself guys 🙂

Florrie tutorials says:

I love your diys I’m totally subscribing!!!

Marivic Bacani says:

omg someoone alsso disliked. NO!

Kariana Anderson says:

Why not DIY outfits?

Crazy Ammy says:

ssooooooooo not easy

Australian AGfan101 says:

Hi my name is Sienna i am new, My LPS will love that.

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