DIY Furniture: How To Make A LPS Desk

DIY Books:
DIY Necklaces:
DIY Phone and Computer:


-Music (In Order):
+Shou – Digital Cutie
+Alessia Cara – Here (Lucian Remix)
+Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful (Sound Remedy Remix)

-If you see this comment “back at it again with the DIYs!”

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LPS Gogirl says:

How do you make a chair!☹

punky brewster says:

make a lps costum please

Rhino Kingdom says:

What’s the ending music that u use 4 ur endings?

Lps Sparklegirlpro says:

where that possum at?

Nayroby Pena says:

hey can you make a LPS Shelf

LPS Faith says:

I love your videos especially your DIYS!!! What music where u playing at the very end can someone repli or could you? And what editor do you use?

Cutiecakes AJ says:

I miss your vis! They make me so happy on sad days! Can you plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post more?

Sara Martinez says:

Where the possum at??

Melaniem Martinez says:

thats so easy

Karolina's awesome Toys says:

why don’t u do vids anymore???

Eduardo Esguerra says:

Its super nice but i want the drawers to be real

Nikkol says:

How old are you?

LPS Ghosty says:

Post a new video already not to be rude tho

HiPawProductionz says:

Ahh soooooo cute!!!!!

Kawaii Alpaca Artist says:

back at it again with the DIYs!

Me My self Megs says:

It would be cool if you could tell us how big the things are

LpsMaya says:

back at it again with the diys!

Brett Fowler says:

am I the only one who saw that shorthair during the diy

jorge barrios says:

I really like your videos! can you make lps food plzz:)

Carmen Rae says:

Omg that is my desk but mines just white I just got it

LPSglitch says:


Kayla Farrah says:

thank you sooo much!! this was sooo helpful!! I mean it!!

Pawws says:

edunas semos suma ehada

Rosy Spiritlily says:

app where are you?

Kawaii_Kitty47 says:


Alex Forever says:

song here?

diamond tv says:

you watch swoosie your the bomb !

Lily Ewing says:

Why would you make a Lps desk chair high


Back at it again with the diys !

RandomnessGirl101 says:

Will u plz do a lps wheelchair diy?


So cool ! I am so going to make this after I wake up *goes to sleep*….(i am watching this at 6:03 am in the morning & no i don’t have school…) I love you’re videos and ive subbed to u almost since u started YT i love u so much

jon doe says:


Lps Slayer says:

hey i have that cat!!

KittyIzzyLPS TM says:

Hello! (Please reply!) Back at it again with the DIYs!

Alexandria turtle says:

How do you do the end what editor please tell me! GOOD VIDEO

RuiMui says:

Can I just use cardboard from a cereal box for all of it

LPS Freya 101 says:

At do I get that lovely paper from

A Drury says:

#chainsmokers music

Frost Berry Lps says:

i made one but I do not have instagram or twitter

Michele says:

can you make more vids

Melissa Villa says:

Im going to get 3 lps on my birthday!and my birthday is on February 25th.

LpsPastelMoonlight says:

Chair tutorial please

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