DIY Furniture: How To Make A LPS Chair (Kelsi’s Version)

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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Relu Marco says:

Poor peet

Mellowstar 19 says:


Heather Burris says:

I like yours better

batutay k. says:


Eclipse the Sylveon says:

I like pete’s better

Wolf and hamster!! says:

I like both of them

ShayShay Sloths says:

i like both

Lps Pro Productions says:

I made this chair! It looks really good and it’s quite easy. I love it!
I SUBED you! 🙂

LPSproductions says:

Kelsis better but she’s really rude

LPS Rain Forever says:

my name’s KELSEY lol

ShayShay Sloths says:


violet cipher says:

thx really helpful ;0

LPSMistyCat says:

Kelsi: I HATE PETE I HATE PETE I HATE PETE! Oh… Is this thing in?

fizzypop pop says:

idk but i kinda wanna make pete ‘s chair more…………….. sorry kelsi

jadeMusically says:

I have Kelsy

OmqIt's Gen_Cake says:

Can u make lps sunglasses

Shamimoon Shaik says:

think of an lps you want
kiss your hand five times
post on two other videos
look under your pillow

Nevaeh Johnson says:

lol that was so funny at the end of the video 😀

jadeMusically says:

I have the same lps

Molly Gudgin DGHMNRSSS says:

KELSI, can you make a rolly version? Like, take wire and thread it through the beads, then bend up the ends of the wire and attach it to the base of the chair.

The Peepo Lord says:

i think this was easy, pete’s version was like 10% harder

batutay k. says:

this is short

Xomother Gigi says:

were do u get cardboard

Katie's World says:

Reply or like this comment if you’ve got more than 50 LPS 😀


I like both?! I love u Kelsie and pete!! #hugs

pie the fluffyz cat meow says:


Vanessa Msp says:

Thanks for the tutorial! I made this chair and it turned out really good:)

s2k4ever says:

Ok I will!?!? :/

Aya Basheer says:


Rocky64989 AJ says:

How did you make the camera (for the lps)?

Little fran Bow says:

Don’t kill Pete I love that kind of bird

marlon delapunta says:

Me and my sister was laughing when Kelsi was chasing after Pete and she was so mad when she found out! And she even said (me and my sister was laughing)”Pete I found out!” Hahahaha better watch out Pete but Kelsi your chair is better than Pete me and my sister was impressed Pete your chair sucks any ways Kelsi I tried your chair it was perfect for my LPS your the LPs tiy tell me if I’m correct or not OK

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