DIY Fuel injectors cleaning

DIY Fuel injectors cleaning


Imre Csoka says:

Its like you need some prerequisites … regardless of a brain

ykmalachi says:

@mrhocuspocus I have a small battery box with plunger trigger that holds a 9volt battery. It is wired to an old injector plug and works great for this kind of stuff.

bookwerm547 says:

so can you DIY on making the injector cleaner. I have part but confused on assembly

Omer Hasan says:

Very simple n effective….

Jesus says:

the stove in the background is:
1) electrical
2) not on
So he is safe

Brian Smith says:

How much would you charge me to clean my injectors like that?

gilmar lima says:

muito bom meus parabens

TheJoetuffguy says:

To all of you do it yourselfers. Don’t be a moron and use a highly misted and highly flammable liquid near an open flame (or possible pilot light) like the stove in the background . Burns are life changers.

Marcone dias says:

gostei de mais nota 10

10 Gauge says:

Thanks for the vid. Just cleaned a friends injectors with this method. Worked a treat!

Abdullah Al-sagr says:

Good video, easy for everyone to do it thanks

Ethan Kriebs says:

This is a good way to get a basic clean. but even after i made my own fuel injector cleaner, and ran the injectors through a few times. they were still shot. there comes a point when you will need to get them fully rebuilt. specially since gas has 10% ethanol in it, which can actually sneak water vapors past the fuel filter, and slowly ruin the old seals in the injectors. and ruin the spray pattern making the injectors un-even. (typically in 15+ year old cars) just FYI.

john lopez says:


solallein says:

Hell yea! Thats f’n brilliant. Definitely have to try this. Thanks for the post

Richard Coelho says:

what do I need to make one?

Zlyzer says:

@droolmonster888 Perhaps you could have used the seal that you used for the reverse flushing on the other side, and then it would presumably have fitted?

Joseph Pelizza says:

When hooking it up to an old injector connector , you are wiring it to the positive wire?? And no need to ground it?? .

Mike O says:

i love it

Francisco Greche Junior says:

Its work fine!

Imre Csoka says:

Yeh sorry im not following

Loree man says:

It could save hundred bucks!

Ethan says:

I just run mine through the dishwasher! Seriously though…I think most injectors work on a 5 Volt signal, so people please check before doing this, as 12 volts CAN damage/destroy them. Otherwise, I think this is a great idea, and a hell of a lot cheaper than having them serviced by a shop.

yak kab says:

מזרק של אופנוע איך מנקים

coas21 says:

You need to wire both positive and negative. if there is no negative post than one need wiring ground to the injector body.

Lonya Steff says:

can you just put injector cleaner in the fuel tank and run the car for a week or so rather than go to all this trouble?

G R says:

is carb cleaner safe on those rings?

beardguy45 says:

Thanks a lot for share the idea,i will $ave a lot of money doing this myself

gravey07 says:

Clean the hob or clean my injectors? Ah fuck it i’ll clean my injectors.

Prince Oniego says:

Is the pressure from that can the same the pressure as the fuel pumps?

william torres says:

hmmm diy fuel injector cleaner:seafoam

therockkkkher says:

@Warkhan about fuel injectors and CLR, i may have bought an old batch from suck ass kmart but it took me like a whole month to get my shower faucet back to new condition, i was pissed cause i had to put it back on to shower !!! dont know what it does for others ?? thanks though

Bill Rookard says:

Good idea, for a low-impedence setup (ie: 5v max), I’m assuming you could easily use a 6v lantern battery (the big square ones in the big flashlights) without damaging it. Usually electronic components are good to tolerances +/- 20% without damage unless specified, so going over by 1v for a brief amount of time should be fine. Either that or a 6v lawnmower battery.

Bulgdoom says:

That thing will destroy any seals

JayRo says:

how do you make the thing to connect to the electricity

andrew1jl says:

i did this today guys, think i got like 10ftp torque back.

0tothezenith says:

Great idea! looks like it goes hand in hand with the PC PSU mod to get your 3.3v, 5v or 12v for the various systems.

bcbp14 says:

If I’m replacing the basket filter can I just stick the straw from the carb cleaner in or do I need to rig up 12 volts?

Sean Barmettler says:

found this video on accident, and this is genius! so doing this on all future rebuilds.

crayonbandit says:

Don’t understand how you can do this without gloves? If I get a drop of carb cleaner on my skin it starts burning a hole through it.

Jonathan Baldock - Art Work and Lessons says:

your stove is dirty

Zlyzer says:

@tbirdpimp07 There is quite a bit of pressure in the syringe once you spray into it.. I tried it, and the first time my syringe popped off quite violently!

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