DIY Fuel Injector Cleaning & Repair

This is the end result of a few hours of work and $60 because I didn’t have a 1/4″ NPT tap in any of my kits. I could have done this for less-than $40. The BG products were donated to the cause.

Tech info:
The REASON you want to use 20 PSI is precisely because of how peak-hold type injectors work. The injector signal sends a 4v spike to open a peak-hold type injector quickly, then maintains its open condition with only 1 volt. Really, it’s a current thing and there’s a longer explanation, but that’s it in a nutshell. When you put the injector in its operating pressure, it takes more than a AA battery to open it, but you don’t want to sustain that much current with a momentary switch and your expensive injectors. This isn’t in the video because this warning wouldn’t be as clear. Unless you can simulate the injector pulse precisely, don’t try it. 1.5v is enough to open it below its operating pressure. If you open it and THEN apply pressure, you can flow as much pressure as you can throw at it.

I don’t discourage anyone from getting their injectors professionally cleaned and balanced, but in my case, I didn’t feel that was necessary.

In my first video, I thanked the seller for these injectors and happy to know I got a great deal on high quality parts. My gratitude is even greater because I had problems with them. It gave me an opportunity to help others troubleshoot these kinds of problems when purchasing used parts. A different idiot might have blamed the seller for peddling crap, demanding their money back… but that would only be because they didn’t even know what they were looking at.

This particular idiot knows what high quality parts RC injectors are and how to clean ’em. $250 + $60 still means I saved about $150 on a brand new set. We all benefit because I bought these and I’m grateful! Let the good times roll.


Inyecto Motriz International says:

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Nicholas Lamoureux says:

You recommend or are against reverse flushing?

dezertgrunt says:

im going to definitely try this but wouldnt it be better if you used one of those air pressurized bug sprayers that hand pump. just fill it with that fluid you have there. seemed like you did alot of work working  that cylinder, plus i dont have a compressor.

Mark Lowe says:

I really dig the clever ways you come up with simple methods using easy to get parts. It’s easy to ship everything out but what do you ever learn this way

Daniel Bryce says:

What voltage?  12VDC????

Cristian Lopez says:

Muy bueno..!

Tom says:

I recommend cheap disposable pipettes… good for cooking (my garlic bread is killer), measuring liquid fertilizer, cleaning small parts/electronics, almost anything with a small amount of fluid.

skinny mike says:

on a dsm to 😀 very sexy

questionur world says:

awesome, I’m having same issue number 3 cylinder and it’s pissing pissing me off

Rick Noso says:

Sup dudes I have a mazdaspeed3 and it seems to misfire or hesitate in the big rpm, I was thing that maybe the factory blow of valve can handle the 15 lbs of boost it makes? Any opinions

Rob Jay says:

New Injectors = $50 (Standard) to $100 (Borg Warner) each, your cost adds up real quick! My Mitsubishi 3.0 V6 = $630. So-called “rebuilt” injectors are expensive.

David Salas says:

awesome car dude!

louisphng1 says:

I just see you play fast forward and the music play on background, no explanation, nothing ………… do not understand what you do.

Miguel Cardona says:

that is definitely one cool engine & it sounds good too

adriangs-t parada says:

the best part of the video is that 4g63 jajaja world best I4 made by mitsubishi….

Norman Murray says:

Do you have a video that explains your setup and how to build it ? I would like to setup something like this on my work bench but I cant follow your actual contraption and how you have the injectors mounted in it …….. Along with how to trigger the injector itself and if there is an adjustment on the trigger to keep the voltage ect in check so you dont fry the injectors . …. If you have another video could you link it in the comments , if not , could you do a run down of your setup and how you built it ?

Christopher Brandaberry says:

Can you add that product directly to the fuel tank, to prevent clogged injectors?

past the breakers says:

Please use ethanol stabilizer. 10% ethanol destroys fuel systems.

TheWolverine0657 says:

I need to clean the fuel enjectors on my 86 ford but it’s a pain in the ass because the intake is over the top of the fuel rail so I have to take the intake off to get to the enjectors

Noah Rule says:


John Dough says:

Nice job!

1320gearhead says:

I like your fuel injector cleaning rig. I like it so much I made one of my own. I used the same procedure as you did in this video to clean the injectors in my 2002 Mazda Protege5.

Ivan Iminov says:

Nice setup for cleaning injectors you got there lad.

Alkine Past says:

im getting a 1981 Porsche 924 non turbo soon and the guy says its been running very sluggish because he thinks its a fuel injection problem he says the car runs fine but you have to give it a minute or 5 before you can drive it does this happen often? also he said he drove it on e and ran out of fuel how bad is that for the injection system? thanks in advance

Paul Perez says:

how would you clean fuel injectors for a 535i xDrive 2009 and can you pull them out without having to change the bottom seal and how long can you have them out before the seal kit depressed I hear when you pull those out that you need to replace the seal and if you change them you need to recall them in the computer is it easy to do or how much does it cost to have this done or maybe even buy some refurbished ones thanks I’ll wait for your reply.

Adrenaline Filled Dreams says:

What voltage are you using to open the injectors? I have the same injectors. I’m trying to clean them now. great video

Jake b B says:

Over the top and unessesary….. Too much crap for the same result of pour and drive…

George McLaughlin says:

I know you posted this awhile back. Just wanted to say. Thanks. Had issues with my Protege5 2003. thanks to your video I don’t anymore. I ran across the BG injector cleaner when I was working at a shop back in 98. Used it on a z24.That was running rough just simply ran it through the fuel system. Man it ran like a scolded dog  after the cleaning. Used BG ever since. Great Motor great vid. Thank you so much seriously

freshfrijoles says:

thats a canadian squirt gun

Imran Alvi says:


Al Fries says:

Hey Scotty, do you remember the late 70’s and early 80’s when they brought ‘ GASOHOL’ to the market ?  Completely neglecting to tell the public that if you had an older car, the fuel system was not going to be able to handle it, I had a ’68 ford mustang…  I bought a tank full of this product and within 12 miles the ford was leaking fuel from every aspect of the delivery system, gasohol just pouring out every where, lucky I didn’t lose the car in a ball of fire as some did.  Every hose, the tank had to be drained, carb rebuilt to modern standards, fuel pump, engine steamed cleaned, a 2 day mess on my hands.

Marc-Edward Canny says:


Ghost Watts says:

What kind of car is that?

Hugo Maravilla says:

esto es un atraso, amigo ya hay bateas de ultrasonido para limpieza de inyectores con un generador de pulsos y mucho mas simple mas economico y mas rapido luego se prueban en banco

Story Ender says:

my 95 Celica St shakes mad when it warms up, but when its coldbit runs fine… I was told to use Laquer Thinner in the tank. I was also told to pressure clean the Injectors. how does someone do that ?

Miguel Cardona says:

Sorry I forgot to mention, you do some good “simple simon work”, thanks for the heads up, your work definitely helped!

Jake says:

That is one kick ass engine!

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