DIY Diamond Pop Art Painting {Quick & Easy!}

DIY Diamond Pop Art Painting {Quick & Easy!}
Here is a quick painting to make. Use these techniques to make other things too!

Acrylic paint
Artist/masking paint
Art panel or Canvas
Gloss gel medium
plastic bag
1″ paint brush

DIY Diamond Pop Art Painting {Quick & Easy!}

Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich
Music: “Bright Wish” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Rose Ryan says:

This would be a really great project to try with different designs and colors and vary the thickness of the lines. Thanks for another creative idea.

Elizabeth Macchi says:

Your girls will enjoy it I’m sure! I’m really missing your daily videos, I keep checking your channel for new videos!
I have something to send you Lindsay, could you give me your mailing address, (and I understand if you don’t want to), thanks!

Skye McDonald says:

Fun ideas. You look cute and we are glad to see you back!

Jeanie Gregory says:

Great idea! I love using and recycling items. Thanks for sharing…

rei says:

Lindsay thank you so very much for being so passionate, informative, talented and generous….You are the bestest!

GracieShackArt shack says:

Great Painting! Pop Art is Cool! 🙂 have you ever seen the videos of the art at dennis hopper’s (actor) house, they are on you tube they are very nice and worth millions!
he was a good artist too.
Thanks Lindsay! 🙂

Helen McCoy says:

Welcome back Lindsay!

Anita Holmes says:

Really cool…I love the background using the bag…..turned out great!  TFS

paulage1art says:

Love the plastic bag paint application! Will have to give it a try. I know what you mean by something not being your favorite, but this video gives me lots of ideas to branch out from like trying all kinds of non-art supplies to paint with. Crumpled cellophane, bunched up ball of rubber bands, textured fabric, crumpled mesh vegetable bag, wad of bunched up yarn, old hairbrush, etc come to mind. Thanks for the inspiration!
Paula in Florida

JeanneGS1 says:

I do like the technique! I might have done something to the diamond after the tape was off – maybe some iridescent paint streaks or something to change the stark white of the outline. (I have some Tri-Art gel medium that has a sort of translucent crushed glass look – it can be tinted, too. Maybe it would look nice over the white or even with a pale tint!) Love the background, and yea, got those ’70s rock vibes LOL!

angelhelp says:

This was the first instance I’ve seen of someone else using a blue background and topping it with gold. I’ve made embellishments for my cards using misted watercolors on cardstock which I run through a paper punch when the cardstock is completely dry. One of those punches just happens to be a “diamond”, a definite favorite among my students. I’ve misted the cardstock and used it for a background as well. One of your past videos showed you using a pearl-colored liquid watercolor, and that was the inspiration for me to try adding pearl, silver, and gold to other colors. I mist some blue, indigo, and violet, then let it thoroughly dry before adding anything else. The gold liquid watercolor seems thicker and requires more dilution, otherwise it just plops onto the paper. Properly thinned, though, it makes a wonderful sheen.

joannesminis says:

I do like it! There is just something about it that draws me in. I think if it was me I would add to the gold streak over the white parts, to bring part of that part to the front.

Joe Maysky says:

I agree that it looks like a rock album cover but I love that. If you hate looking at it, varnish it and let your daughters keep it in their room since they love it! I can see using the grocery bag technique all the time too even if I don’t replicate the diamond.

Funny GamingTM says:

I love diamonds!!! this is beautiful!!! You have twin daughters??? Omg

Leigh Hope Pfosi says:

ty…if you only knew <3

Asha's craft club says:

im 11 !

Southern Angels Btq. says:

It’s different! you are right it does look like a rock band album cover.. something a teen would like in there room. That is probably why your daughter likes it so much! Is she going to hang it in her room?

Boulderbon says:

Super cute! I love how it turned out. I might have to try this, and make a smaller version for my vanity 🙂 xoxo

Britteny Evans says:

Love this!!!!!

Niamh-Learns says:

I like those gold streaks. Makes me think of… kind of a David Bowie lightning bolt, or something like that. Diamond motifs are really trendy right now, so I’m not surprised your girls loved it. 🙂

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