DIY Custom Gamer Chad Minecraft Toy – Acrylic Paint Painting Do It Yourself Craft Video

Watch as I transform a Minecraft Steve figure into one of my favorite gamers, Gamer Chad! I hope he enjoys this custom. Check out his channel to see him open up my gift to him.
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Braedyn Cantu says:

i was the first person to whatch this vid i am not lying

gamingjohn 360 says:

he loved it

adina afrin says:

Chad Alan is my faifret XD

MunchMunch says:

AMAZING cookieswirlc please do one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makenna Pells says:

btw love you and your videos cookie

ET Lover says:

hi cookie swirl c

Krystina Norris says:

OMG amaizing

Madam Meows A Lot says:


A H says:

hi cookie can u play roblox hide and go seek extreme. That would really make me happy. like this comment if u want to see that?

Fluffy Pup says:

I had to laugh when you said I’m painting your armpits

Melany Desire says:

When are you gonna play MURDER with Chad??

paula playsgames says:

can you play ROBLOX 🙂

Tori Kay says:

I watch gamer chad videos a lot

sweet sweet cookie says:

his shoes

Creeper Boy617 says:


Roblox vs Minecraft says:

is chad your brother

Love Is in the air says:

Yea he will love it

Lydia Alexander says:

ya he loved it i saw hi opine it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love your vides and tell chad i love his vides to

Joe Troxler43 says:

make a cookie chad cookie

Jennifer Gomez says:

You know chad Alan??????!!!!!!!!!

Niana Pettis says:

his shirt

LuckyLeopard - Aj and more! says:


lps pusheen a lps maršmelou cz says:

omg cute

Eliana Lopez says:

I always watch gamer chad

Puppiesrook Msp says:

Your so creative!

Beth Wilson says:


Kitty cat says:

Gamer chat is your boyfriend?

rochae says:

I love chad I wotch him videos

pony boomerang says:

His skin

Josephine Urquhart says:

AHHHHH I thought you guys were a thing

Pinkylps 9 says:


Crystal Thao says:

omg u know chad AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWSOME!!!!! like if u agree.AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Guadalupe Vega Campos says:


cupcakes dolls and plushies says:

cookie you’re so nice to do this to Chad love you Cookie

Cakelover606 says:

I loved this video!! You should make more DIY minecraft figures in the future!!

Irene Bailey says:

Hey cookie I love you you have no comments lol

Lisa Gallagher says:

me too he loved it

syd thepuppylover says:

He loved it

Siona Starshine says:

So Thoughtful!!!!!!

Trudie Kumar says:

You rock cookie swirl c



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