DIY Custom Design Mirrored Furniture

In this 713News DIY Segment, I will show you how to transform boring IKEA furniture by adding color, pattern overlays, and mirror. For more decorating tips, please visit my blog


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Nia Nicole says:

This is so pretty! In love!

Mirtha Marie says:

She seems so lost

Vanessa R says:

her reading is way to obvious

Toi Jones says:

This is absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

jacob sellers says:

I love this!  It looks great. I can’t understand why some people are so rude in their comments! I think because they are hiding behind a phone or commuter they would never make such rude comments to someone’s face. Thanks for sharing this!

Bonita S says:

Where do I get the mirror and also get it cut?

Sheila Allen says:


Couponing Mechel says:

Lovely, thank you for this. I needed some inexpensive yet stylish guest bedroom ideas.

Catherine Montalbano-Harris says:

Will the glue ever dry out and lose its adhesive ability?

C M says:

you don’t have dust in your home…how much time do you spend cleaning those mirrors with overlay…

Suzanne wheat says:

Lovely, but if you don’t want to buy ikea, can you get the stencil type things elsewhere?

Esther Beato DeGama says:

Love this!!!! Thanks for sharing.

hayleypc123 says:

Although this looks pretty i find it far to busy, i think i would use the mirror and maybe some glass knobs for a nicer effect

MissyNYrk says:

What were the exact IKEA furniture used? I would love to recreate this look.

armonelovesaustin says:

is she reading from a monitor

Pip says:

“I had a really hard time finding furniture than SUIT my needs” AGGHHH!! You’ve on TV and can’t speak high school level English. It’s SUITS… no SUIT! How on earth did you get on TV??

Quita Fields says:

still seems expensive to make this.

Tay Nick says:

absolutely fabulous!!!


The project is really good but Shana really needs to practice being in front of a camera. Being awkward and lost makes the viewer uncomfortable.

Selena Girl says:

What were the measurements for the glass?

Kris E. says:

I have noticed that every video that I have seen so far uses IKEA furniture only for these diy projects using the over lay stinsels. I want to revamp my current nightstand and dresser(not IKEA ); can I buy the stinsels and mirrors and customize my furniture?

Pip says:

That SUITS my needs – not suit!

Kayla Brown says:

What’s the names of those three pieces used for the overlay? ( dressers)

Nora Velazquez says:

Thank you

vegasjill21 says:

This is some gorgeous furniture…but….I am going to have to watch it over again bc I’m so confused!!!! I guess I’m going to need more than one of those over lay thingies??? I had thought it was a stencil!!! o_O

Jennifer B says:

I would definitely rather pay more than go thru all of this trouble

jellibean011 says:

Block, delete should be your best friend! These negative Nancy’s!…smh

Dawn Christensen says:

That looks really good.

Thtgirlbibi says:

that dress fucked up her figure

engelique daponte says:

love the media console but the ikea website only shows 2

Paula Pinto-Ohlson says:

love the way it came out but the way she speaks sort of makes me uncomfortable

Cindy Bobonagua says:

amor como se llama lo k colocaste donde lo consigo

4 Given says:

Really great idea, how does the overlay hold up if you want to clean the mirror with windex? Thanks

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