DIY Color Change Mcdonalds Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Nail Polish Painting Craft Video

Custom paint a super rainbow colorful Rainbow Dash MY Little Pony using color changing nail polish! I custom pain this Mcdonalds MLP toy then watch as she color changes in warm and cold water! So simple fun and easy!

Check out the My Little Pony pool party video:


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Jaedyn Johnson says:

Did the tail change color

hyena _gaming says:

It looks like glass

Emmyly Davilus says:


Ariana Babyalive rebron love says:

love it

Rosalin Morgan says:

im your best cookie fan

Ariel Smith says:

in da sun

XxMsp ForeverxX says:

I love you soo much you are my idol

Skittle sareena says:

in the sun

Emeli Torres says:

In the sun

Rosalin Morgan says:

i love you cookiswirlc

Amber truong says:

Cookieswirlc i am about to send u fan mail

Patrick Sadler says:

Who’s a cookie too?

Chloe Linzmeier says:

putting her in the sun

crazy cuz's says:

by putting it in to the sun . I love you cookie swirl c & your videos 🙂

Brooke'helen Delane says:

leaving it in the sun

Sienna Weaver says:

OMG COKIE so cool do another color change video with a Mlp Minnie

EliGaming says:

When will you do my vid

Natalia Andrade says:

You put it out in the sun in order for it to dry

Acacia Hobbs says:

in the sun

sailorjupiter444 says:

have you ever thought of having a blue light nail dryer

Sydney Goodier says:

IN THE SUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀

lps thompson says:

Can you do more Minecraft video’s please

Cherry says:

In the sun

Hallshopkins Cookie says:

i love your vids check out my channal

Vilma Morales says:

Cookie can change colors with the My Little Pony Equestria girls mini doll please

Paige Cheer says:


Rebel Blue says:

try out popit

Donut Dragon says:

love this

Hey It's Chesca! says:

can you try this with shopkins pls!? <3

anime girl 21YT says:

putting i the sun

That mejestic pony Life says:


#skelita_ beaster says:

by putting rainbow dash outside

Savannah Pena says:

Cookie can u do more Food fair shopping please

Acacia Hobbs says:

can you do more LPS cosstoms

aleeya love my sister yay says:

in the sun

Sophie Pfutzner says:

cookie can you comment me back love you have a great day

ashley medina says:

you dry it in the sun

Matelska Małgorzata says:

Cookie Cookies

Two Cousins says:

you put her in the sun

Greenleaf jamaa says:

her tail never changed

Koda Animates :3 says:

Cookie i love your vids and your sow cute

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