DIY Coffee Table | Wooden Crates

My Husband and I found a photo of this DIY Coffee table going around the Internet, so we decided it would be a great DIY for our apartment. We spent a total of $65 and that is a lot less than you would have to pay at any furniture store. The table has space for things to get stored within it, and you can personalize it with another color and by improvising the middle part of the table. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video. If you have any future video requests, you can leave it in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram!

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Sandra says:

What kind of drill is used?

ussfan younis says:

Y would u use a hack saw for wood

Jacquie Saavedra says:

I love it, thank you for the inspiration!  

C’MON PEOPLE…  Why does it matter: what tools they used,  how long it took to cut it (“did you cut it??”), and the best comment from-Kayfe Davis  “you can’t really call it a DIY if this is your channel… more of a home made coffee table since you, Kim, did not do it yourself… ” REALLY PEOPLE??? 

How about thanking them for sharing and thanking her husband for serving our country.  I want to thank your husband for serving our country and you for supporting him during his deployment.

Melissa Diaz says:

very impressed I didn’t think it would’ve came out that well, well done..

TheNormalOddball says:

for anyone doing this project I recommend you ‘glue and screw’. You’ll get a sturdier product 🙂

Erica Kemp says:

Just a tip, that saw is better used when pluming , is try a bigger saw next time 🙂 great video! Also Home Depot will cut the 2 by 4 for free for you!

Diamond Waterfalls says:

That was fantastic I love it.

Bobby Sterling says:

cool idea.

Sugeng Riyanto says:

Nice Video…. , subscribe me

Ravs Ajay says:

really a great Diy project I’m impressed by the idea.

Evgeniy Mart says: Join amazing channel on Telegram

Simon Wane says:

Not going to lie pretty impressed with the table looks quite stylish…I gona steal ur idea 🙂

Saad Mahmood says:

what is this song ?? <3

Cedarsable 101 says:

Wow this is beautiful and look simple

wittman99 says:

I’ve been looking for a DIY coffee table for a week now. I didn’t realized in the first look that it’s made out of crates but it’s the best looking table out there without making use of a bench saw or miter saw or garage full of tools.

mu ta leb' yanız says:

ساختن میز سالون بسیار زیبا و با قیمت کم وساختن هر کس به رنگ دلخواه خود. …

Kayfe Davis says:

lol its a really pretty coffee table but you can’t really call it a diy if this is your channel… more of a home made coffee table since you, Kim, did not do it yourself…

marilyn acosta says:

I am a pro at art and craft

Edwin Manzanares says:

it looks very nice. so easy to make as well n cheap.

Faith Derek says:

I LOVE this table and how it turned out!!!! I will defin have to try and make one. Thank you SO much!!!

Angel in Heels says:

Love it! good job guys

bren h says:

lol all stuf you couldve bought somewhere else for half the price.

Mommy Garcia says:

Very !! Very !! Very nice !!!! Looks better than store bought !!!!

Tereza Tatsukawa says:

where did you get the long wood at 2:04? did you buy another one. sorry i got lost when i saw that. pls reply . thank you

Alan Wood says:

home depot will cut wood for you.

Lilia U. says:

Oh Hi Casey! 2:48 p.s beautiful outcome of the coffee table.

gcNewd says:

Great job! it looks fabulous

Chris Reece says:


Narinderjit Kaur says:

i am going to make one too

gcNewd says:

The best saw for the job is a little “stanley 15in” wood saw. they are short and thick. they cut like butter.

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