DIY Cleaning Wipes (Workshop Hack)

A super easy Life Hack for your garage. all you need is paper towels , Ziploc container and some pine-sol . excellent for small spills and clean up !


Taylor Waddell says:

Great idea! Will defiantly do this

Nicholas Cheng says:


Nick Alvino says:


Amy Hammond says:

I can purchase a bottle of pine sole for $1 at the dollar store. So this wpuld ne a cheaper idea.

Ziad Natshe says:

welcome to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority.

Nadine1024 says:

STUPID …Tovarisch you and ur video !

David Don says:

Pine Sol may be the power of clean but after using your homemade Pine Sol wipes even droplets of pine-sol adhere to your hands/fingertips making your hands/fingertips slick to the touch and you don’t want to handle food while your hands/fingertips are contaminated with pine-sol otherwise you risk food-contamination via chemical-poisoning; so don’t forget to neutralize the pine sol with rubbing-alcohol and soap and water until the pine-sol is completely neutralized.

amie a says:

If your going to do this: Try the dollar store for better money savings. They just might have everything he mentioned. Also, read the directions on the PineSol. See what needs RINSED after using PineSol wipes.

S Miller says:

I like the idea but what about rinsing?

Terry Badger says:

You’re a genius!

Challenge Time Inc. says:

do more colabs with taras?

ooooitsmisaoooo says:

I don’t know if anyone suggested this yet, but I think it would be a bit better to use one of those baby wipes dispensers, because it will keep it moist longer and you will be able to use bigger pieces… (^_^) if you don’t have any laying around, ask a friend who has a baby, I am sure they will have many laying around the house! Hahaha

PeteNdl says:

Excellent idea!!

Brian Sleider says:

so pay ~5 bucks then have to MAKE the wipes, I could just buy 2 Lysol wipe packs for 3 bucks and save the time. This is not a good idea. Also pinesol is to be mixed with water, so you wont really clean as much as you will leave soap residue over everything you wipe.

Katrina Booth says:

can you use any cleaning materieal like windex or does it have to be pine sole??

BigredApril1951 says:

If you don’t cover the exposed towel part and leave the hole open then air will dry out the towels.

Adras and Horia Gaming says:

nothing funny about the communist symbol under which a lot of people died, nothing funny or cool about being russian so stop faking the accent

ffryan says:

My only concern about this is the towels drying out in a short period of time.

XTech Ride says:

“I would enjoy having you next time, Fuck Off.”

Stephanie Malley says:

I’ll think about it

Teresa Miles says:

Hand gel like antibacterial, is much better so you don’t need to rinse off like you would with the Pine-Sol. Just add one part water to 2 parts gel. Shake and spread over paper towels. Ready to use.:)

Marcelo Rezende says:


Millie Gravelpitt says:

Does he say “fuck off” at the end??? Oh my.

RosieRosepeddle says:

Could buy a name brand and use that tub afterwards.

michael ham says:

are you really russian? cause your english soumds natural and you only seem to have an accent at the intro.

SpartaxGaming says:

Open captions english

Amirah Coleman says:

You are sexy

Peggy Frost says:

Love these posts!

Mateo Londoño says:

or you can go to the shop and buy a pack of cleaning wipes! 

true2thespirit says:

Brilliant. Going to try this.  

Iis Fhirqa says:

he just like crazy russian hacker

Benny K says:

“Pine-sol” co to takiego i w jakiej postaci (pod jaką nazwą) dostępne jest w Polsce? 

randomness051 says:

they look like they’d fall to shit. look how carefully he handles it at the end. not a good sign

DuctTapeFreak says:

I like the container idea

PapaGeorg10 says:

Thats the power of pine sol baby!

silvernomad5 says:

Don’t forget he will get three rolls of towels for one shop towel roll.

Heather Hale says:

I buy Walmart or target brand disinfecting wipes in a three pack(80 wipes per container) for around 5-6$…pine sol is around 6$ by itself and those wipes are 3$…the container comes in packs for around 2-3$…and then you have to make them??? I’ll stick to my already made all purposes disinfecting wipes

liagiggles says:

You’re Kind of a cutie! Thanks for the hack!

Anouar Moussaoui says:

what is a pine sol ?

GamooMamoo says:

This is probably the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube…


Why pine sol?

Pang Bard says:


Angeline Pillay says:

Great! Thanks for sharing.

Beandip 1 says:

At least he’s found something constructive and helpful to do with his time….a lot more work than say, being a fucking internet troll?

petit.jean90 says:

or you could just buy it at the store…for like $4

Generic White Male says:

dude, pine-sol is a concentrated. its meant to be mixed with water. you dont use it like that

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