DIY-Cleaning The RV Refrigerator Propane Gas Orifice, RV Boondocking, Off The Grid Camping, FRVTS – DIY-Cleaning The RV Refrigerator Propane Gas Orifice, Burner And Flue Tube, Used For RVing, RV Boondocking And Off The Grid Camping, ,military friendly school, boondocking, FRVTS GBYAY


Nancy Aberg says:

Thanks for making such a great video to help us get our frig running on gas again !

george delgado says:

best video for fridge maintenance! Appreciate this very much!

Sergio Orduno says:

I have a problem with my refrigerator it wont work on auto . It works great on propane but when it comes to using the electricity to have it running it just does not work . Can anyone help out

Adventures with Bobby and Jackie says:

Your videos are invaluable. My 3 year old Dometic DMR 702 works fine on electric but does not cool at all on LP. I just followed this video step-by-step and just re-lit the fridge. There was no debris in the orifice or tube. However there was a small amount of black soot and a bit more white sandy looking granules that fell out of the flue. I tapped on the flue until there was almost nothing coming out. I felt like I could have done it all day and never get the sandy stuff out. I will update you in awhile. Thanks!
I allowed the fridge to run about 3 hours and it became obvious that my cleaning job didn’t work. Temps going up instead of down. So I decided to change my LP gas regulator. I noticed right away that the flame was much stronger. I could even hear the difference. After about 2 minutes the cooling fans came on. And it started heating up really nice. I walked away from it and didn’t check for about 5 hours. My freezer temp was -2° and fridge was 42° I let it run over night and checked the next day, approx. 12 hours. Freezer temp -12° and fridge temp at the top portion was 29° and 36° at the bottom. I switched it back to electric and check it 6 hours later and the temps were about the same or a few degrees cooler… colder! FIXED!

Thomas Heaney says:

Thank You

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