DIY – Cleaning Silver

In this video I show one method of cleaning silver things to include coins. This is the method I use to clean some of my silver coins and made this video to show the people who ask me about that in my other coin find videos. Remember, most coin experts are now saying to never “clean” any coins. However, they will “restore” them for you for about $50 per coin (unless they are valuable coins and then the price rises dramatically). It’s your money, choose wisely.


Sigh Phi Guy says:

if the coin is of less value than its weight in silver, i just use silver polish and make them shine like mint.
in my collection, i want to see a beautiful, shiny coin. not like im ever going to sell them anyway.

Tom Stoughton says:

i hope i win that garret ace 400 !!!!

donald scarbath says:

You will devalue collector coins. Do not clean!!!!!

The Zeroeuro Coins says:

nice video!!!..just Subscribed!!..keep uploading more!!

David Dunlap says:

Donald is 100% correct, never rub, clean coins, if worth more then face, leave it alone!

Tyler Blu Gunderson says:

The thing you should really do is use baking soda don’t add too much water make it like a paste and then rub it on there and it cleans it and makes it look brand new literately I did not believe it when I saw a video and then I tried it for myself and a 1939 Walking Liberty half dollar and it made it look uncirculated

Vezperado says:

I have used this method several time since seeing this video, it works great on coins I find under pine trees.  Sometimes the crud is so thick though, I have to use a soft toothbrush to get it off under hot water.  Even so it leaves no scratches, it is great!  I do not recommend letting it sit too long though, it will give a worn coin and unnatural, just minted glow.

ok250682 says:

i have spoilt my coins with coke 🙁

mitul jannat says:


Eli Redshirt says:

I accidentally a ASE in a flip in my car console over the summer……part of the ASE (1/4) had slipped out of the flip and that part exposed turned almost black, the rest of the coin is still shiny.
Should I make an exception and clean this one? It’s like only the top quarter of the coin is black.

Bobby Garmon says:

good info thanks

Danger dan says:

vodka is there best jewelry cleaner. for those special stones too and vodka won’t fade em as normal jewelry cleaner fluid can

Nandi Collector says:

Woww. Thank you for this video. I have seen so much for silver cleaning but this was the most easy to understand. THANK YOU for sharing. 😀

Joni Guevara says:

shared his link on my fb page as a tip for silver owners.  hope it’s okay.

TBM721 says:

how much id a 1943 walking liberty halfdillar worth?

ravnwood says:

You should never ever clean a coin. It destroys whatever numismatic value it once had.

Surfacesofie says:

Many thanks. I have 4 silver dollars that have sentimental value to me for their dates. Although they are from 1888 to 1923, they are not collectable. They were very dark with tarnish, but bacame sparkling and shiny after your treatment. Thanks, Dave

MisterSir says:

Great Vid .

Ben Cohen says:

Thanks so much this will help me make $300

Madara Uchiha says:

this will ruin collector coins value only do this with just silver not coins

MrSting17 says:

PBS ran a show called “Haley’s Helpful Hints” about simple solutions to problems.  To clean silver he uses the aluminum foil in the pan with hot water and adds some salt and “water softener”.  He never mentions a brand name, but I can remember “Calgon” and I think I’ve seen Arm & Hammer in the laundry detergent aisle.  I know he uses it for other cleaning hints so it is supposed to be a handy item.  Here’s the link to the silver cleaning which is similar to yours:

Trevor Lahey says:

has anyone tried using never dull it works pretty decent as far as i can tell i just use it on my junk silver at the moment but it gives it an almost mint shine even on worn coins, probably not the right method but it’s pretty quick

Matthew Larkin says:

can you use baking soda on all coins?

Leslie Gaddy says:

i prefer to clean coins so I can see them and there beauty.

MisterSir says:

can baking soda fumes be toxic ?

sandy moonstone says:

I see the silver dollar got smaller after cleaning .

The Cable Guy Tech Videos says:

Does this remove toning?

Kate Prevatt says:

could you clean your nails?

Johnny SilverFoot says:

this is the best way to remove silver tarnish because it converts the tarnish back into silver. you’re not losing silver like you do with polishing chemicals

Sam Zisimopoulos says:

gave it a shot but didn’t clean up too well but my coin was verrrry grubby

Franky Vee says:

If you add a little salt in with the baking soda ( 1 to 1 mixture) it works instantaneously and you don’t need to boil the water.

Neil Williams says:

Did you know you can use aluminum foil, fabric softener (1/4 cup) and a tablespoon of salt to do the same thing? Using hot water, not boiling water.It will work real fast and clean 100% better! As a matter of fact, if you leave a coin in this solution more than 10 seconds on each side, you will ruin the coin. That’s how strong the solution is.Awesome video. Thanks a lot.

David Dunlap says:

the rubbing between your fingers just ruined the coin, it’s now worth silver face.

scott lund says:

Perhaps all in my head, but thought I noticed in using dip jar cleaning solutions for 925 jewelry that it removes detail on coins and filigree on other items. From your demo here and how great and safe the results appear to be, I shall be giving this a go, thanks! ps and without salt as not sure if it would make it more corrosive to detail.

Darla Wolz says:

thanks aqua chigger! great name by the way!. I’ve tried the foil, tablespoon of salt, cold water trick on sterling silver silverware tho I’ve always worried that I’d ruin a coin by cleaning it wrong thus de-valueing it, just in case one day I found out it was a rare, unique, priceless item. lol
I have found a jewellery cleaner that claimed to be used on all metals, gems, soft stones like opals etc. I started using it on junk jewelry and bravely worked up to my good stuff. They all look great. As an extra cleaning step, I use a small battery operated jewelry cleaning machine. puts the sparkle on them. just dry and wear.
It’s called Jewel Renew by the makers of Ring Snuggies. I get it at Walmart 2fl.oz.(59ml.) for $4.88
I really go thru it so I always buy 3/4 at a time. try it and let me know what you think. I will HOLD MY BREATH!

Conner Markezinis says:

What year is the coin

Donna Neal says:

What about a silver ring with stones?

Ubiquidic says:

What type of coin was it that you cleaned?

..bones!! says:

..this works great…i have 4 coins with tarnish and just tried this and now my coins are lovely and clean and shiny with all the nasty black marks gone…thankyou

Mike Hansen says:

What a GREAT idea… I don’t have any silver coins but my wife has a lot of silver jewelry. It was the easiest clean method for small silver jewelry and even the chains came out fabulous… Thanks a million. BTW I up to about a hundred of your videos now and still haven’t found a way to contact Beau about his recommendations on Garret and how to donate to the cause… Thanks. MIKE from Idaho

MisterSir says:

can you elaborate on the differences between baking Soda and baking powder? .. I can never seem to understand, aren’t they both bicarbonates of salt ?

believe it says:

you might also warn the idgits that there is also washing soda that comes in the arm and hammer orangish box that looks identical to the baking soda so they must READ it. LOL

Moses Chin says:

Will you loose silver when you do this action?

Crazy Candy Crush says:

What is the function of the aluminium foil?

London Stax says:

Saved me spending £20 on cleaning solution

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