DIY cleaning products and my cleaning routine

Today I am sharing some DIY cleaning products and my cleaning routine. I am loving the cleaning buzz that is going on at the moment. Nothing beats a good scrub and having your house in order. However, I am not loving all of the chemical products that we have gotten into the habit of using. The cleaning aisle used to be my fave place in the supermarket and I couldn’t resist a new cleaning product. Lately, I have become more conscious of the number of chemicals I am using, it can’t be healthy breathing in these harsh chemicals and I also have to think of my pets too. I have decided to ditch the cleaning aisle in favour of making my own products. They are cheaper, better for your health and kinder to the environment. Instead of having a cupboard full of cleaning products I now only have a small caddy full. I think if we all made some small changes it would make a massive impact on the environment and our health.

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Ciara Somerville says:

Love this! Thanks

Alexandra Fingleton says:

Catherine I have had a great time making non toxic cleaning products. For laundry I tried soap nuts and they are fantastic. For stains use a little castille and wash as normal. You have changed the way I clean forever and the funny thing is my home smells and feels cleaner. Will we try beauty products next?

Christine Griffin says:

Absolutely love your videos and home, I have been using diluted vinegar to clean just about everything for years and I don’t mind the smell, but my family on the other hand don’t like it .

thelilacmum says:

A year after I was married I was stressed out because I couldn’t keep the house tidy. I kept thinking how did I do it before. A place for everything and everything in its place. Then it hit me
it wasn’t my lack of cleaning skills. It was my husband,step son,dog,and two extra cats. They were making the messes and I was cleaning like a chicken with its head cut off. My house isn’t perfect and until my husband goes to live in the old people’s home. It will remain having the livid in look. I have better things to do than cleaning. Like go to the craft store or out to lunch. Just say’in. Life is short and the dust can wait.

Dee Pestanio says:

Bugs don’t like peppermint so some in water keeps them at bae. This is off topic but one day could you show us how to make a chair pad with big bows to tie around and a long ruffle? I have seen them and I owned some once. They are so pretty but so expensive. Just an idea for some day. You are so good at explaining in common terms which I need lol. Have a lovely day: )

N F says:

Great video! I’m addicted to bleach as a cleaner. I rarely dilute and when I use it to clean, by the time I’m done, I feel like I drank a cup. So, I need a change.

I tried ‘green’ cleaners b4, but I wasn’t convinced that they killed bacteria and germs.

I’m slightly germophobic so I definitely need the assurance that what I’m using is sanitizing.

My_type_of_organised says:

I’m so pleased to see homemade cleaning products. I love to use them in the home and think there are some really harsh products out there at the moment,so alternatives are great. Your home is so pretty xx

the little fairy lady says:

I made a video response to you my friend xx

S Rose says:

I have been making my own laundry soap for many years. I shred and chop up bars of soap such as Castile soap in bar form. You can shred it and chop it up yourself with hand tools. I wasn’t using my mini food processor so I have dedicated it to the making of cleaning products. I store in the laundry area so that it doesn’t get used by anyone in the kitchen. I mix equal parts shredded and chopped Castile soap or a specialized laundry soap such as Fels-Naptha with washing soda and borax. I understand in Europe borax is very difficult to find and I have read others who use two parts washing soda to the shredded up bars of soap. I leave it in powder form and use 2 tablespoons for regular load and if it’s a high-efficiency you use one tablespoon.

Personally I prefer to use some OxiClean when I have things that are stained. So I don’t mix the OxiClean into the powder laundry soap. when I have something that is white and stained I will spray it with hydrogen peroxide. I know there are a lot of recipes that use a liquid version of what I just described but I find the powder is easier to store and it works really well. I have a small jar with a cover on it that I just put some water in the tablespoon or two of the soap Shake It Up and pour it into the bottom of my washing machine.

I don’t use a high-efficiency washing machines that has the rubber gasket. So sometimes I add vinegar to the rinse instead of a fabric softener. But I understand you shouldn’t use the vinegar if you have the Rubber seal because it can wear down the seal. I only use the vinegar as a rinse agent on clothes that might get a little staticky like skirts or dress pants. Most of the time I don’t use vinegar in the rinse.

I thought I would mention that I take the same all purpose cleaner that you’re using with the soap. I add vinegar and a little rubbing alcohol and that is what I use on my kitchen counters because I feel it sterilizes it a little more.

in the bathroom I will use a little hydrogen peroxide around the toilet because it kills viruses including the Norovirus. It’s very important that you keep hydrogen peroxide in a light proof container because light will actually affect the hydrogen peroxide while it’s being stored. I just found a spray nozzle that fit the hydrogen peroxide bottle.

I clean my keyboard and monitor and so forth with a little rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth and that does a good job of cleaning without getting things wet and damaged. Personally I use the rubbing alcohol right from the bottle on the microfiber cloth because I’m really concerned about getting any water on my electronics.

I use the baking soda as an abrasive to scrub my sink. But I will also make a paste of baking soda in a pan that has burnt on food or to clean my oven and I make the paste just with water. soaking a pan with a little bit of baking soda and water will get burnt out messes cleaned up easy.

I don’t really care for the liquid Castile soap I find it it leaves a film. So when it comes to liquid soap I use dye free clear unscented dishwashing or washing up liquid. When I try to use dr. Bronner’s Soap on my dishes I noticed a film that developed in time especially on glassware and silverware.

Lisa Robinson says:

Love Castille, vinegar, and baking soda.

Karen Roberton says:

You almost make me want to clean, which I am not keen on. But I am house proud enough to want to keep it tidy. LOL. I tecently bought the Dyson cordless. So much easier than the cords. I spent the summer in UK. The battery was still going when we came back.

Cathy Lynn Pietranton says:

Hi Catherine the natural products that we use for cleaning is vinegar, baking soda, peroxide and essential oils. In the washing machine for the softener I use white vinegar with some essential oils it makes your clothes soft and it eliminates buying a softener.

Linda Thorpe says:

Yea! I’ve been waiting for this one! Thank you!!

Dearbhaille Mcevoy says:

Love your videos! You can add an aul teabag to the cleaning products like
Lemon and ginger or green tea and it will make them smell lovely whilst still being pet friendly xx

the little fairy lady says:

Hello Catherine you’re absolutely right Castile soap is made with sodium hydroxide and olive oil so it’s very vegetable based. This might work also if you make homemade soap like I do. I also make my cleaner like you I use water vinegar a little bit of lemon oil a little bit of orange oil and a little dribble of like just a few drops of dish soap and you can use it on mirrors wood spots on the floor anyting. I love your bottles though they’re so cute minor just from a dollar store and it’s really ugly. I will have to adopt your pretty ways that you have! Love your videos thank you so much, you’re very inspiring. XXX Willow

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