DIY Cleaning Hacks (Chemistry Life Hacks Vol. 6)


Ever run out of your go-to cleaning product and you’ve got a mess that you just can’t leave alone? Have no fear, chemistry is here. Our latest Chemistry Life Hacks video explains how to make your own glass cleaner, keep red wine from staining your carpet and why spit, yes spit, can also be a great cleaning product.
[NOTE: The previous version of this video had a glitch in it — D’OH! It’s fixed here.]

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Kirk Zamieroski – Writer & Producer
Darcy Gentleman, PhD – Scientific Consultant
Matt Hartings, PhD – Scientific Consultant
Noel Waghorn – Lead Writer/Producer
Adam Dylewski – Executive Producer

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PRO Carpet Cleaning Brisbane says:

Thanks for sharing

KandI Megahan says:


Aluminiumi says:

The spit tip gives a whole new meaning to “spit ‘n’ shine”

AtrumNoxProductions says:

Thank you very much 😀
You rock!

Angela Baker says:

hybrid  librarian brought me here

Gopal Paul says:

Thanks for the tips

zidus67 says:


Now I get to see someone spit a second time, thanks!

KaosNoKamisama says:

Any tips on how to deal with the hardened armpits of shirts and tshirts due to antiperspirant?

Emilie Unkrich says:

Great Info! 

The Illist Nigga Alive says:

Fuckiing dum bastard

Riz2336 says:


sarahdance says:

Please do a chemistry life hack with diy formula for getting dog and cat urine out of fabric

Fish says:

what’s the difference from the earlier video?

Leandro Escobar says:

“Hacks” or basic home economics?

xBris says:

Acetic acid has a pH of 4.75 – roughly. That’s high school stuff…

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