DIY Cleaning Closet

Today I am showing you how I made over our spare closet downstairs into the ultimate one stop shop (with some personality) cleaning closet. I love how I can store those random go-to items that I don’t necessarily need 24/7 living in the pantry. The mini human is also getting into cleaning so it’s nice to be able to say “the downstairs closet” as an answer for everything. What would you transform your spare closet into? How’d you get organized? Let me know in the comments down below! Stay rad and happy DIY’ing xx.

Wallpaper I re created:
DIY Wall Stamp by A Beautiful Mess:
What I Bought:

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Gigi Smith says:

Flat white you will never be able to wash.

Lauren Harding says:

We all love it!! Don’t be hard on yourself!! Love it❤️❤️❤️

tensazero says:

The stamp thing is the best most surprising thing I’ve seen you do, so far. Easier and cheap than paper. Not remembering you can counter sink that screw at the back of the shelf support and then using a counter sunk on something else right after, is the worst, so far. You’re doing good I saw a HD ad with your kitchen reno pop up on my newsfeeds recently. Keep goin

Andrea Berry says:

Those stamps look awesome!!

Liliana Herrera says:

You could have probably cut a sponge up rather than foam for the stamps so it would have shown up fully on the rough surface of the wall ☺️

Trending With Tina says:

Rachel, can you please do a video of you redoing and organizing your pantry? My family is having so much trouble with that right now so it would be great to see from you. I absolutely love your other makeover videos and would be so thankful if you could do a pantry video.

Elizabeth Evans Kiikka says:

I like the faux wallpaper! More patterns ▫️◾️◽️◼️◻️

Lin Bron says:

Awesome job, really 1 video a week is amazing that you can put out. Don’t stress , we no it take time.
We appreciate your creative and that you are sharing period. Don’t over do it. One can only do so much in a DAY remember that.
FYI , can when editing the ending stay longer on it . I feel like it’s edit too fast. We love the after ….

Kayla Su’esu’e says:

loved this!

Nazilah Nsr says:

Yassss babe! it turned out so great! Im so inspired now to have a dedicated area for all cleaning supplies! Hehehe! Also, have you ever done foldable tables? That folds to a wall, it’d be great if you can share a diy on that, or a diy spacesavers multi functional stuff! 😀

Evans Wilson says:

Awesome job!

Racquel Le'Andra says:

You never disappoint… I love the wall stamp idea. My son wants to stamp his door with his name all over it…. Hahaha. I said MAYBE… Which, I’m not gonna lie, almost always means yes. Lol.

Miho Miyoshi says:

Love those stamps!! It’s minimal, I love it! I’ve been thinking to create a tiny coffee station in my kitchen and wondering how you would make it. Do you have one yours?

Maria Basulto says:


katherine7444 says:

Not environmentally friendly to use plastic bags for your roller and tray, they make covers for paint trays for exactly that purpose. When you’re done you wash and reuse.

Natalie Kwart says:

Looks great.

Kelsey Cobos says:

All your projects end up turning out so nice!! Love all your videos!

îhssånė Lb says:

I love it

allaissa roane says:

loooved this!

Laci Jane DIY says:

I love how real and honest you are in this video. Thank you. As a fellow creator here on YouTube, I can relate to this so much. Thank you, know that you’re definitely not alone in those feelings. I love the wallpaper stamp idea. Thanks for sharing!

Paula Hass says:

I love it! Great job!

alophn says:

Great job. I love your content. It’s really been helpful on my home renovation process.

Klaudia Ortiz says:

Holy freaking crap! I swear you must’ve heard my complaining! I need to do this in my downstairs closet! Thankkk you for the inspo!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Deadou says:

Nice result !

Marcela Perez says:

Love it! Gave me ideas, thank you!!

Marisol S says:

I’m so happy for you this is really all looking good =)

Gina Friend says:

Nice organization closet, Rachel! A couple of yrs ago, I took the easy way out. I bought a clear over the door hanging pantry organizer, to hold my cleaning products. Easy to see what you have and what needs to be replaced.

Sergio Alcala says:

Like the trash bag trick!

James Bigham says:

I always enjoy your videos I am sure I am not the only one that will tell you we believe in you and your projects take time I always enjoy your Rachel style added features that makes it perfect.
I dont mind if it takes extra time at all you do amazing work and you shouldn’t be rushed as an artist and designer

Natalie Ceja says:

Great job on the cleaning closet. The DIY shelves are a great addition without looking out of place. Have you ever done DIY drawer handles/knobs? I’m updating an old drawer set and was trying to come up with some ideas on how to update them myself without needing to go out and buy a ton of knobs.

Linsie Ryan says:

loved it, great fu#*ing job lol

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