DIY CLEANERS: My NEW Cleaning Kit! (Baking Soda, Vinegar, Essential Oils, Castile Soap & More!)

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It’s time for a new cleaning kit for our new home and because Melissa Maker is the Queen of DIY Cleaners, we thought we would make a video sharing all her favorite cleaning products! These all natural cleaning recipes utilize many non-toxic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar (and cleaning vinegar), hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, castile soap, essential oils, dish soap and of course – microfibre cloths (Maker’s microfibre cloths to be exact:

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Dianna Robinson says:


Artsy Cupcake says:

These were great tips!! I just did a organization video on my channel! I love moving because it helps me get organized to the extreme!

Roxy Mayor says:

My steam mop…biggest waste of money 🙁

smovakpro says:

Shower spray. We’ve been doing more baths lately and I scrub the tub. Plus I almost never remember to use it anyway. Lol.

Fari Wu says:

Melissa! You should do a Halloween-themed cleaning video – like how to remove fake bloodstains from clothes, removing decorations off the wall without destroying paint, etc.

mardel3 says:

No more windex… vinegar ,water ,dish soap is the best

elnk ki says:

How can I disinfect my couch cushions.. it’s cold and flu season in my hme. I don’t want to use Lysol but I’m thinking I might have to. And ideas?

June L says:

I wonder how’s your laundry routine like now that there’s little Riley in your life 🙂 can you share with us?

Wong Shiyun says:

How do u organise your cleaning supplies and tools?

caramelushca says:

Does the baking soda-dish soap paste work on acrylic bath tubs or will it scratch the surface?

marian B says:

Great video, but the microbium did absolutely NOTHING for my shower wall…I took it right
back to Home Dumpot, lol! But I love your DIY’S and I use the All purpose for everything.

sunshinecookies! says:

Isn’t baking soda too abrasive for the tub? I am slowly trying out your DIY cleaners, but I’m afraid to scratch off the finish of my tub

Marina Marić says:

Hm, a little sneak peak of a kitchen. Different handles and knobs and a new kitchen rises. Excellent job!
Please, when you name vinegar to say what percentage it is, for us that don’t live in Canada.
I can’t answer your question because I’m not in Canada so my answer wouldn’t have any meaning to you.

Laura Davis says:

Can the hardwood floor cleaner be used for tiled floors also? Can the all purpose cleaner be used to wipe down furniture (i.e. wooden cabinets). Can you share your glass cleaner recipe in your next DIY recipes video please! Love your channel 🙂

Mo F says:

I can live without bleach… Don’t like the smell and it irritates my eyes.

JAS Jubilee says:

Most people who make homemade cleaning products, do so to get away from using unsafe, unhealthy ethanol and synthetic fragrances. Half baking soda and half dish soap is a good example. And a waste of essential oils if you are just using them for fragrance, since most dish soaps are heavily scented with artificial fragrance, and will Immediately be flushed down the drain. If you want the essential oil fragrance, spray the room with water and essential oil in a spray bottle. The cleaning and disinfectant power of lemon EO for example, isn’t forgotten. But this formula with so much scented dish soap is so thick, essential oils are an expensive waste. After cleaning and rinsing, then spray the tub or sink with lemon water to kill germs, and freshen the air.

leanneland says:

I love using white vinegar and baking soda together for scrubbing grimy sinks and bathroom counters. Lemon juice is amazing for instantly cutting through hard water stains.

Kimberly Bellerose says:

I love Bar Keepers Friend! It cleans the soap scum from the tub and leaves it sooooo clean looking! Plus the smell of the product is really tolerable. Completely agree with your review 🙂

Kay & Co says:

I love to use less harsh products.So I agreed with you

shutterbug424 says:

I could live without a dedicated stainless steel cleaner. I feel like some of my other products do a perfectly fine job on it.

Anat Churilov says:

I’d love to see a video on how to tackle drywall/Reno dust.. that dust gets everywhere, even in rooms that aren’t being renovated. Where do you start and how do you ensure spaces stay clean ?

Karlie Johnson says:

Advice for Microfiber alternatives? I’d rather use a cheese grater on my hands than hold a Microfiber towel.

Felize Gonzales says:

For the all purpose cleaner it’s just soapy water that dries up and sits there? Is residue left on some surfaces after it dries from the soap?

Flyover Pilgrim says:

FYI: Reading the ingredients, Dr Bronner’s is not true Castile soap. The oils in castile soap is 100% olive oil…

Markus Bernard says:

You make good videos,Can you please answer a question?

aide garza says:

Please make an app!!! I can imagine getting all the motivation I need with an interactive checklist, diy recipes, a bunch of your pro tips and links to your videos!!!!

Jeanne Ahern says:

You should make a bathrobe from the Waffle Weave microfiber cloth material…

amie a says:

You look really pretty.

Helen P says:

How do you wash your microfibre cleaning cloths to limit the discharge of microfiber particles into the environment? There are plenty of reports that synthetic materials shed fibres when you wash them in a washing machine. Should you be selling something like a Guppyfriend washing bag with your cloths to catch the fibres in the washing machine? I want to use less polluting products and was attracted to your cloths until I realised they could be adding to plastic pollution of the ocean.

Claudia Ramos says:

I could live without bleach.

Laura Hill says:

Can the all purpose cleaner be used to wipe down furniture (i.e wooden cabinets) and can the hardwood floor cleaner be used on tiled floors?

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