DIY CLEANERS: Clean Your Whole Home for $7.25!

Maker’s Microfibre Cloths:

Everybody loves DIY Cleaning Products for their home – and everyone enjoys saving money! So, in this video Melissa Maker shares 6 easy DIY natural cleaning products that you can clean your whole home with for less than $10 ($7.25 to be exact)

COMMENT QUESTION: What is your favourite DIY homekeeping tip?

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Robbie Ferrari says:

i mean baby girl.

Jasmin Jackson says:

Omg baby bump!!!! congratulations to you guys!

mongaloogirl says:

I have a question about the toilet cleaner! I’ve been using it for a couple of months (and LOVING it) after buying/reading your book. The only problem I’m getting with it is major foam-ups in the bottle. My guess is that I should NOT shake it up immediately after making it, and the only times I should shake it are when I plan to use it immediately, so as to not let the pressure build up in the bottle. Do you think that’s an accurate solution? Thanks so much for your channel, book, and all your hard work to share with us! It’s been a real game-changer for me!

Sanket Patel says:

Can you explain how to use microfiber clothes.? Please.

Baku Expat says:

God Bless You!! I love Your Baby Bump!!

Aeman Khan says:

U r so pretty ..good tutorial.

TheMrsB13 says:

Aww, we finally see her baby bump. So cute!

Ra Ra says:

Bbbbaaaaaaabbbbbyyyyy bbbuuuuummmmmpppppp!!!! Yyaaaaassssss. Xx

Jenifer Cook says:

I use hot water, dawn dish soap, baking soda and vinegar on my tile floors. Works great and smells good.

servant74 says:

How about a cleaner for wood floors that are finished with a water borne finish…. Thanks in advance!

Junior 24 says:

I like using borax to clean the toilet.

Mine Estepa says:

How far along are you?

Beth W says:

Whenever my bathroom sinks start to be a little slow to drain or smell a little off, I put baking soda down the drain (using a skewer to push it around the little plug), then pour vinegar and lemon or orange essential oils down the drain. I then follow with hot water, and the sink smells fresh and flows freely again.

Shahina Aktar Miah says:

Congratulations babe u look amazing xxx

Roonitochka says:

Melissa, with regards to the all purpose cleaner: does it keep since it’s just water and liquid soap? Thanks a lot!

Valerie Mercer says:

Love your videos! You rock. On the funny side, I have to mention… the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant….lol….some people will get it, some people won’t – rest assured I am not saying…that’s where we women should be! Keep making those vids I am learning from your advice. BTW, beautiful baby bump, congratulations and boy or girl, your life will be forever changed with a little one to love and care for. All the best.

ibbbilub says:

I can see the baby bump 🙂 congratulations!

Robbie Ferrari says:

nice baby bump
look like a my girl

TheBklynMe says:

Vinegar and baking soda. (Congratulations!!!!!)

Gretchen Wagoner says:

How to get urine stains and smell out of a mattress (this will come in handy once you’re going through the potty training stage with your babe).
8oz Hydrogen Peroxide
3 TBSP of Baking Soda
A couple drops of Dawn dish soap.
Put all ingredients in a spray bottle, swish around, and spray on mattress. Let it sit until dry, if there is some baking soda left, vacuum it up.

Dara Holland says:

Congratulations on baby news 🙂 so excited for you!

Liliana Munoz says:

how do i clean my flat screen tv. It has my kids sticky fingerprints all over it. I dont want to damage the screen.

Juli Jones says:

I love the dish soap and water cleaner.

Clean My Space says:

What’s your favourite DIY CLEANER?

Maylene McDondald says:

Oh, you are such a beautiful mommy!

owlflurry says:

Love your bump!

Evelyn Velasquez says:

Congratulations on the baby bump!

Blue Gypsy says:

You look so pretty with your cute baby bump! Congratulations!!!

Bunny says:

First of all, your bump is adorable in that dress. Also, I saved the last video you made about DIY cleaners, but the baking soda and dish soap one for grease is !!!!!, I will be making that tonight when I get home from work for some difficult kitchen spots I’ve been fighting.

twin falls says:

i would never pull out if i was inside you

R RK says:

Congrats you peggy

Sales Sellectop says:

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Amy Lang says:

Can you use the all purpose cleaner (with essential oil drops) on granite?

Jodi Hanneman says:

For a greasy stove top, I use baking soda and dish soap. I activate with a quick spray of vinegar, then use a clean rag to wipe up area.

Gisela Albornoz Springer says:

Awww Melissa! I’ve been a follower for a long time now. It’s SO adorable and cute to see you as a pregnant mommy! Best wishes for the three of you!

Hair & Heels says:

I love your all-purpose cleaner, I even pour a little into a small glass bottle to help keep my car clean.

Shanon Isbell says:

Cute baby bump!

but199018 says:

Does she by chance have a single sister? I need a wife like this! Just saying……..

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